Assistant Principals Report

Assistant Principals Report 1
Kyle Schutz
Assistant Principals Report 2
Angela Lane

Smile Squad

Assistant Principals Report 3

The dental crew from Smile Squad have been seeing students since the start of term and the treatment van has now been parked at the school. The team have been seeing many of our students who signed up for the free dental service.

Absences From School

Just a reminder that all student absences need to be informed either through Compass or with Ms Kylie Dempster in the coordinators office. 

Don’t forget that you can check your child’s attendance at any time on Compass. One of the most useful tables is the following. The class % column is the most important to see how much attendance your child has successfully completed.

Assistant Principals Report 4

Anything less than 90% is not ideal, and less than 85% is considered worrying. Given that students may be away from school at any time through illness or something else out of their control, it is crucial that they are at school, in class, every single minute possible throughout each and every school day.


Thank you to parents, guardians and students that have been making an extra effort over the past few weeks, especially with roadworks going on to ensure that students are on time to school, with enough time to get to their locker, check their subjects, get their books and line up at their classroom at 8:45, ready for an 8:50 start to Mentor Group.

During the day we have already noticed a change in student responsiveness to the bell, with students taking a lot less time to get to class. If this continues, we’ll be able to extend recess and lunchtime by an extra 2 minutes each, giving students more time outside.

Students that haven’t been able to improve their lateness have spent time after school. We would prefer students just get to class on time.

Assistant Principals Report 5

For regular updates and information on the ongoing roadworks and road closures in Craigieburn please click on the following link:

Spring Preparedness

Just a reminder as we head into a very wet season that families should be doing in regards to their homes. With significant rainfall and the upcoming summer season homes should be preparing by cleaning gutters and debris from around homes and have a plan in case of fires. A wet season means that there is more growth!

Some areas around Craigieburn are considered grassfire areas and every household should have a known plan in case of emergencies. Victoria has also announced a new fire danger rating system that everyone should be aware of. For more information visit and 

Assistant Principals Report 6


Don’t forget that there is a range of scholarships available through DET. Eligibility and criteria can be found here:

Student Identity Cards

All students are given a Student Identity Card at the beginning of each year. These cards allow students to sign on and out of the school, borrow library books, photocopy, access the student toilets and are a form of student identification for Myki cards etc.

It is extremely important that students carry these cards on them when they attend school and are responsible for them. If your child misplaces their card or damages it, a replacement card must be purchased. Parents can purchase a new card via their Compass for $10.

Please see attached instruction sheet as to how to order a new card on Compass.

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