Our extension programs are designed to provide opportunities for high achieving students and high ability learners to extend themselves and deepen their learning at school.

This is not a separate or streamed class, but a weekly two-hour extension program where students are extended and accelerated in a specific discipline. Our two programs are titled Logic and Discourse.

Logic gives students the chance to engage with applied and advanced Mathematical concepts, proofs and logic that we don’t usually get to explore in Years 7 – 10.

Discourse covers Politics, Philosophy and Economics where students explore classical ‘big ideas’ in democracy, political theory and culture.

Students in these programs will compete in statewide national and international competitions such as the Maths Olympiads, Public Speaking and Debating Competitions. But these competitions are also open to any who are interested.

To apply for our Extension and Enrichment Programs, please complete the form here.

Applications for these programs for 2024 close on Tuesday 20th February.

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