The Senior School at Elevation Secondary College encompasses both Years 11 and 12. This is an exciting time for our students as it is the final stages of their schooling before venturing off with their aspirations and goals.
The Senior School’s base model is to provide students with individualised programs which not only meet students at their point of need, but also will allow them to achieve success in their chosen pathway. This is based on a process in which we use data to drive the decisions that we make. There is a range of data that is observed when we are looking at the learning progression of students since Year 7. The data that we look at includes: progression points, academic achievements, in class behaviour, Morrisby Reports, Career Action Plans & Examination Results.

Elevation Secondary College currently offers three programs for our Senior School students:

  • VCE
  • MyVCE
  • VCE-VM

Please see our handbook attached on this page for a breakdown of each program.

The Senior School is made up of a number of key teams:

  • The Careers Team
    • Our Careers Team work with our Senior students when it comes to looking at subject allocation, job aspirations, educational setting, liaising with Universities as well as TAFE providers. Our Careers Team have ample industry-based experiences and support students to achieve their goals.
  • Our Educators
    • Our teachers in the Senior School have outstanding academic qualifications in specialist areas. We have educators who have been experts in specific fields and have joined the College to support our students. Additionally, a number of our teachers are examiners for NAPLAN, GAT and Year 12 specific subjects.
  • Coordinators
    • Our coordinators come with a range of experiences in student engagement and wellbeing. They are experts when it comes to the Senior Schools policies and work very closely with families to support our students. Our students can approach their Coordinators at any time to obtain advice on educational outcomes, study routines, support with particular subjects as well as guidance and navigation of their final years of schooling.

The Senior School has very high expectations of our students. There is academic rigor which requires students to be completing Coursework as well as demonstrating outcomes to a high standard. We believe that with the data collated, with our careers team, our educators and our parents, we can ensure that every student has the opportunity to achieve their best.

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