Elevation Secondary College’s vision is to be an inclusive and outward facing community that values improving student learning, social emotional outcomes and educational attainment for all students.


Elevation Secondary College’s values are Achievement, Acceptance, Responsibility and Community.

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Achievement reflects the purpose of education in that, all students should be aiming to achieve their best at all times. Achievement means that students maintain a focus on their learning, improving their skills and knowledge and achieving their personal best.

Acceptance shows that the school values each member of its community as they present themselves and wish to be seen. Acceptance promotes Respect, positive relationships and inclusion.

Responsibility is a key value of the school as genuine learning, academic, social and emotional growth can only happen when students take Responsibility and ownership for their learning, actions and behaviours.

Community is an important value to the school as the school is both a reflection of and contributor to its community. The school values input from the local community and looks to engage outwardly with various community, academic and corporate institutions.

Behavioural Expectations – Aim High, Work Hard, Be Good

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Elevation Secondary College’s school values are underpinned by our key behavioural expectations which are: Aim High, Work Hard, Be Good.

Elevation Secondary College recognizes that students that commit to demonstrating the school values is intrinsically linked to regularly demonstrating behaviours that contribute to a positive whole school culture and also their own personal growth and learning.

Aim High reflects the need that all students should have aspirations in life, including the aspiration to continuously improve their learning and behaviours. Students that aim high are improvement focused and support other students to improve.

Work Hard reflects the idea that all students achieve improvement and eventual success through working hard and stretching their existing abilities. Students that work hard demonstrate a growth mindset and understand that improvement and achievement come through effort, feedback and practise.

Be Good is a reflection that students who approach relationships and interactions with others with kindness, empathy and gratitude contribute to an overall positive school culture and positive relationships. Kind, empathetic and gracious behaviours are encouraged in all circumstances.

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