Being connected to school is essential for social and academic wellbeing. Students who can identify adults at school that they have positive relationships with and students with strong peer connections tend to do better at school.

Elevation Secondary College has developed a Mentor Group program to enable students to have a stronger connection to the school, the teachers and their peers. The Mentor Group program also allows parents a single first point of contact to discuss their child’s education.

Teacher mentoring students

When students arrive at the school in Year 7 they are placed in a Mentor Group with a Mentor Group teacher that has responsibility for the academic and social wellbeing of those students. The Mentor Group students complete all of their subjects together. In most cases, students will stay in the same Mentor Group for a number of years.

The Mentor Group teacher teaches the Mentor Group for:

  • Mentor Group each morning (10 minutes)
  • At least 1 Academic subject
  • Personal Development

The Mentor Group teacher is the first point of contact for parents and stays with the group for a number of years, to build a lasting connection with the school, families and students.

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