Assistant Principals Report

Assistant Principals Report 1
Kyle Schutz
Assistant Principals Report 2
Angela Lane

Subject Expo and Course Counselling

On July 25th we held a Subject Expo for students going from Year 8 into 9, and Year 9 into 10. It was a fantastic opportunity to have many members of our community come together to discuss future pathways. This expo showcased the many subjects that are on offer for Year 9 and 10, as well as explicit instructions about how students could complete their subject selection.

Following on from the Subject Expo was the Year 9 into 10 Course Counselling sessions, that our current Year 9 students attended with their parents/carers to decide what choices might best benefit them moving ahead.

Semester 1 Reports

The first semester reporting of AHWHBG (Aim High, Work Hard and Be Good) were made available at the end of Term 2 for parents/carers to see in Compass (under the reports tab). With these reports occurring every two weeks, it is a great opportunity to sit down with your child to discuss their progress and how class is progressing. AHWHBG data is an important part of school in regards to effort and rigor put forward by students in their class.

Year 9 Camp

A massive shout out goes to the team that organised Year 9 camp, and all the staff that gave up their time to attend camp. An enormous amount of effort goes into organising and running these opportunities for students. Reports from students were that they really enjoyed their week in Flinders, some even claiming, it was the best camp ever.

Update on Health Programs

Dental Program

Assistant Principals Report 3

All students received a form in regards to the free dental service (forms were due back on Friday 26th August). This is an initiative that helps to provide Victorian students with services such as tooth cleaning, dental x-rays and/or fluoride varnish. 

Dental hygiene is extremely important – from daily routines (brush twice a day!) to regular dental checkups. Thank you to all families that returned the form – this service will start in Term 4 based on permission provided. For more information on the program, please visit:


Year 7 Immunisation is also occurring on September 7th with the second dose of vaccination following on the Feburary. No further action is required from families as it follows from the first immunisation consent. For further information on the program please visit:

What happens if my child has a new medical condition?

Sometimes health conditions impact the ability of a student to engage in their education, or awareness by staff  in order to respond appropriately – such as anaphylaxis, diabetes, epilepsy or a diagnosis such as cancer.

  1. Communicate with the school: discuss with the school your child’s needs. There are some conditions that require documentation such as action plans and health plans. By letting the school know what is going on, school may be able to reach out to resources that can help provide understanding across the staff that are working with your child.
  2. Provide information: if there are any assessments around the condition that contain advice for the school these are really important to help the school understand needs. Sometimes a ‘permission to speak to allied health professionals’ form can be signed so that the family and health professional can speak directly to each other.
  3. Review and keep the school up to date: even the best plans need to be reviewed and adjusted, by working with the school and checking in with your child a supportive environment can be obtained. Needs may also change. Every year, action plans must be updated and submitted to the school.

School Nurse

Assistant Principals Report 4
Lauren Turnbull

Lauren Turnbull is the DET school nurse who is at the school on Tuesdays and Fridays. 

Lauren’s role is to support the student’s health and wellbeing which she can do through education, referring on to specialist services, individual student support to identify health and wellbeing goals to address any concerns, and supporting staff and parents to work together with the young person to ensure their health and wellbeing needs are met.  Typical concerns  she works with students and families to improve are; sleep, disordered eating, emotional regulation, encouraging respectful relationships, anxiety, sexual and reproductive health and vaping/e-cigarette use.

Students can ask her for a chat at school, and she can also take student referrals from staff and parents. Students can reach her via school email on or you can find Lauren on Tuesdays and Fridays in the office right next to the admin desk.

Sanitary Items

Just a reminder that there is a free sanitary dispenser located in the C block toilets facing the Learning Street. Emergency supplies are also available from sickbay, however it is expected that students supply their own sanitary items.

Values and Expectations Reminder

Elevation Secondary College has high expectations for students in all areas of their schooling. As such we would like to remind students and their families of some rules to avoid confusion and keep our conversations positive. 


Just like in the workplace, turning up late to any lesson throughout the day interrupts the flow of lessons and causes difficulty for the late student as well as other students and the teacher. 3 lates in a fortnight to any lesson will equate to a lunchtime detention. 5 lates will progress to an after-school detention. With 7 minutes of bell music time, there really is no excuse to turn up late to class. Arrival in the morning should be before 8:40am.


From the moment students leave their house in the morning, until they arrive home in the afternoon and everywhere in between, students are required to be in 100% uniform. This helps with student safety, identifying our students, as well as demonstrating pride in our school. There has been a significant drop off in compliance, especially around long-sleeved t-shirts underneath shirts, and casual tracksuit pants or tights being worn instead of uniform PE pants. Hoodies will be confiscated. Our suggestion is that students should purchase long-sleeved academic shirts and phys ed shirts to allow for additional layers to be worn under the uniform without being seen. Black sneakers (leather or otherwise) are not acceptable.

The schools Uniform Shop is open every Thursday from 1pm-4pm and is located in the front office.

Assistant Principals Report 5

Mobile Phones

A ministerial order is in place in all Victorian Government schools that states that as soon as practicable, students must leave their mobile phone in their locker and not touch it throughout the day at all until they finish school. Students caught with their phone on them or using their phone will initially have it confiscated. Students caught multiple times will have an after-school detention issued and the phone may be kept at school until a parent can collect the phone.

Student Identity Cards

All students are given a Student Identity Card at the beginning of each year. These cards allow students to sign on and out of the school, borrow library books, photocopy, access the student toilets and are a form of student identification for Myki cards etc.

It is extremely important that students carry these cards on them when they attend school and are responsible for them. If your child misplaces their card or damages it, a replacement card must be purchased. Parents can purchase a new card via their Compass for $10.

Please see attached instruction sheet as to how to order a new card on Compass.

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