Assistant Principals Report

Angela Lane
Angela Lane

What an incredible start to a school year. Not only have our students transitioned into secondary college into a new school, they have managed a pandemic as well.

Inclusion and acceptance are important values in our school, and to highlight that we have recognised Harmony Day, National Sorry Day and Reconciliation Week, IDAHABOT day and Refugee. We see our students act out the value of acceptance on a daily basis – including others in their friendship groups, accepting new students to the school, asking how they can help, being respectful to each other.

Another exciting milestone is the formation of student council. Miss Rebecca Gooch-Andrew has been working with 14 students across the mentor group to develop a strong student voice within the school. Work is currently being done by student council to look at school data, raise awareness of school issues and act as leaders in the school.

Recently, Personal Development has been focussed on stress and self-regulation. It is an important skill for young people to recognise when they are feeling stressed and then to use a strategy to calm themselves. At Elevation College we use a 1-5 scale to help students articulate where they are at. Too little (Zone 1 and 2) or too much (Zone 4 and 5) alertness can cause the brain to act in ways without thinking.

Assistant Principals Report 1

I encourage families to use this system at home. If you noticed your child reacting in a non-positive way you might ask the following:

  • What zone are you in? How can you tell (what are they feeling physically? Emotionally? What thoughts are they thinking?)
  • What could you do to bring yourself back to Zone 3?
  • How can I help you return to Zone 3?

If you are worried about the mental health of your child, contact the Wellbeing and Engagement Team at the school, or reach out to your child’s mentor group teacher.

Student cards have now been issued out. If your child has not received their student card, then please check with the front office that they have paid for it. The card acts as their concession card for things like public transport or going to some events. The card is also used at the Compass Kiosk at the front office for signing in and out without having to put in a password, and for printing.

We are hoping that the School camp will still be going ahead. Though COVID-19 put a break on the original date, Mr Schulz has been working hard to make sure that (restrictions permitted) camp will go ahead later this year. Watch this space!

In other upcoming news, the school will be working with the Sustainable School Shop web service that assists families in buying and selling second hand uniform and books. Be on the lookout for more information on this in Term 4.

Also Breakfast Club will be starting in Term 4. It will be on Tuesday mornings with the assistance of the Salvation Army volunteers. Hygiene and COVID-19 regulations will be enforced to maintain the safety of all involved.

I want to thank our entire school community for their patience, understanding, support and commitment to the education of our students, especially during this uncertain time. The emails and conversations of support from students and parents have been wonderful.

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