Curriculum and Student Learning

Sonia Loudon
Sonia Loudon

This term, students returned to school after many months of Learning from Home and were very excited to get back into the classroom, see their friends and get into the rhythm of learning together again. Everyone had a different experience of online learning, some students enjoyed working at their own pace and making snacks during their individual coursework time but others had definitely had enough of Google Meet by the time the lockdown lifted. Students worked hard to catch up and have shown significant learning growth, particularly in numeracy. It’s a pleasure to congratulate our Semester 2 academic award winners and share some of the wonderful work students have been doing over the term below. However, we know that recovering, and then thriving, after the disruption of COVID-19 is an ongoing effort that will need to take place well into 2021. We have already introduced additional literacy and numeracy testing, tutoring and extended homework club in Term 4 and are very excited to improve and broaden our academic support next year. Thank you to families, integration team and teachers for bringing so much joy to students’ learning this term and congratulations to all students for making it through.

What’s going on in…

Science and Design Technology

In Science, students learned about forces, gravity and how simple machines can be used to make work easier. They calculated the mechanical advantage of using levers and ramps in Science and then applied their knowledge of simple machines in Design Technology.


Students developed their knowledge of fractions and algebra this term and continued to work on their personalised goals through the Maths Pathway program. We will be starting Year 8 by reviewing operations with negative numbers, fractions and algebra and the holidays provide a wonderful opportunity for practice!

Curriculum and Student Learning 3
Students on a fractions scavenger hunt around the school.

Academic Achievement Awards Semester 2 2020

Congratulations to these students for achieving the highest subject scores across all mentor groups. They embody the value of Aiming High.

Mathematics Sanduli Wijesinghe 7D

English Shannon Kaur 7A

Humanities Shannon Kaur 7A, Kiyana Tavakolikia 7E, Santhos Varatharajah 7E

Science Sanduli Wijesinghe 7D

Chinese Sanduli Wijesinghe 7D

Health/PE Sanduli Wijesinghe 7D

Music  Sanduli Wijesinghe 7D

Art Shannon Kaur 7A

Digital Technology Shannon Kaur 7A, Sanduli Wijesinghe 7D, Thejashree Shivakumar 7A, Harsha Chidambara (check name)

Design and Technology Terry Birkahn 7E, Josh Watt 7F, Ravnoor Kaur 7F

Personal Development Issac Luttrell 7B, Adem Rakipi 7C, Sanduli Wijesinghe 7D, Lara Pir 7E, Omar Nabulsi 7E, Hannah Dawod 7G

Academic Diligence Awards Semester 2 2020

Congratulations to these students for demonstrating outstanding academic growth and dedication to their studies. They embody the value of Working Hard.

7A Ella Pipe

7B Santa Rafaeil

7C Codey Yousif

7D Manpreet Singh

7E Kiyana Tavakolikia

7F Feyza Demir

7G Kristina Veljanov

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