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Asli Dulger

Dear Families & Senior Students,

It has now almost been 4 months since our students started their VCE, MyVCE or VCE VM journey. With this, we have seen some tremendous changes in our students’ academic achievements as well as study habits and skills. 

This newsletter segment, the Senior School wishes to dedicate to our hard working Year 11 students. 

The following students have been identified as achieving academic excellence in particular subject areas. They have done this by completing their coursework to a high standard, having fantastic learning behaviours and obtaining the highest scores for their SACs in their cohort- an achievement indeed.

Asli Dulger

Senior School Leader

Careers & Pathways

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Alex Connor


Our careers department has been very busy this term. The focus of the term has been to support Year 10 students to gain their work experience placement. This is an exciting time for students as they look forward to the ‘world of work’ during the last week of this term.

Year 10s have also just started preparing for their future pathways. In PDM they have started investigations into their own work values, skills and interests. This should help them start to consider a range of possible career pathways. Following this they will complete a ‘Pre Course Selection Assignment’ where they will investigate and research three different career pathways. This will help them understand the subjects they might need to engage in over the next two years as they consider VCE:VM, VCE or an alternative pathway such as a full time apprenticeship or studying full time at TAFE in 2025.


Our VCE:VM students are quickly approaching the end of Unit 1. They are complete coursework and projects in order to demonstrate key skills and knowledge required. Students have worked in terms and groups to decide on projects. Many of our VCE:VM students are exploring the world of TAFE, travelling independently to and from Kangan and Melbourne Polytechnic. They are enjoying learning in a practical, hands on environment. A number of students are also linked in with Head Start and more students are fulfilling their requirements through Structured Work Placement. 

This is a busy time for our students, and they are learning that to succeed in VCE:VM a student must be organised and focused as they are jogging work, academic learning here at Elevation Secondary College and TAFE. 

Alex Connor

Vocational Leader & Careers Teacher

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