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Asli Dulger

Dear Senior School Families,

Welcome back to yet another academic year with Senior School. Whilst the Senior School Team has stayed mostly the same, some adjustments have been made with new members being added to the team:

Ms Asli DulgerSenior School Leader
Mr Daniel MulliganYear 11 Coordinator
Mrs Kylie TilbrookVASS & Study Centre Coordinator
Mrs Jodie Siamoa Senior School Administrator
Ms Alex ConnorVCE VM Leader
Mr Kyle SchutzAssistant Principal for Senior School

As my Senior School Team and I walk around the school and even teach during our classes, we are noticing an increased determination and work output from our students. They are arriving to class on time, completing their Coursework, asking questions and even engaging with homework activities to a high standard. As we welcome our students in the morning and say goodbye to them on their way home, they are leaving with their bags full of folders. This is testament to the hard work and dedication that our students are putting in. This is something that we are incredibly proud of.

In order to continue supporting our VCE and VCE-VM students, the Senior School is running a Year 11 only Academic Catch Up session. This occurs every day (yes that’s right- Monday to Friday) from 3.10 to 4.10 in F5. This is a space in which students can attend after school and complete homework or catch up on tasks. Students will either be assigned to attend these sessions if they’re falling behind or can voluntarily attend.

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Supporting our students

Whilst our students have started strong, there might be times when students start to become overwhelmed. You may have already had conversations with your child about this when you see them doing their homework at home. It is really important that we work together to support our students in this space. Ensuring that students are: getting 8 hours of sleep, eating breakfast and food throughout the day, drinking water, having breaks from their phones at home, socialising with their friends, going to the shops etc- these are all small habits that can work together in trying to create a balance. 

We will be having a Senior School Information Night soon. Please look out for a Compass Newsfeed which will outline the date and time.

As always, if you have any questions, please feel free to contact my team. We are here and happy to help.

Asli Dulger, Senior School Leader

Careers & Pathways

Senior School | Careers & Pathways 3
Alex Connor


2024 is an exciting year for our Careers Team. We have expanded! This means that students have more opportunities to talk to a greater range of people with experience across  many Careers pathways. We can support students with information ranging from Apprenticeships, School Based Apprenticeships and Training, VCE:VM, VCE, TAFE and university options. We also support all students to complete career education units during all years of their schooling. 

Students begin their Career Pathway even before they start secondary school! Many students in year 7 already have their ‘dream job’ planned. However, plans change… a lot! This is where our Careers Team can help. We will provide students with a rich Careers Education Program. Much of this will be delivered through CareerTools online platform. Students in Years 8 – 11 should have their log in from 2023. 

In addition students will take part in a range of ‘special Career Programs and excursions’, some of which are this term and are outlined below.

Over the course of the year we will update our community via this Newsletter and Compass posts. 


Year 9 Morrisby Career Profile

All year 9 students will undertake the Morrisby Career Profile. This consists of a range of online activities which take place during the middle part of term one in PDM. Following this students will have an individual interview to discuss some possible Career Pathways. This profile is a rich insight into students’ individual interests. The discussion here will impact student recommendation for their senior years of schooling. 

VCE: VM Headstart Presentation

This will take place on Thursday 29th February at the college. All Year 11 VCE:VM students will attend a presentation from HeadStart to learn how they might be able to start their apprenticeship or training while completing their VCE:VM.

Explore Careers Quiz. | What Career is Right for Me?

This free quiz will help you discover the Australian industries and careers that are right for you. This quiz is unique because the results will tell you about real Australian companies that you could work for. Here at Explore Careers, we have partnered with hundreds of Australian employers to help high school students learn what job suits them.

John Tikulin, Lola Panuccio, Michelle Watt & Alex Connor

Careers Practitioners & Careers Teacher

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