Principals Report

Principals Report 1
Colin Burke

Looking Ahead To 2022

We are already a fair way into planning for 2022 and a significant aspect of that planning involves the recruitment of leaders, teachers and support staff.

I am very pleased to announce that a number of appointments have already been made to leadership positions:

Assistant Principals

I am excited to announce that Kyle Schutz and Sonia Loudon have been substantively appointed as Assistant Principals to the school. Kyle and Sonia are well known as established leaders within the school and have contributed massively to the development of the school so far. They join Angela Lane, myself and Lexia Collins as the Executive Team of the College.

Leading Teachers and Learning Specialists

We have also appointed four new members to the leadership team. The successful candidates are:

Learning Specialist – Literacy and PLCs: Rachelle Cole

Learning Specialist – Numeracy and PLCs: Alex Mangione

Leading Teacher – Junior School and SWPBS: James Devlin

Leading Teacher – Middle School/Careers and Pathways: Rory Henderson

Rachelle and Alex are very well known to our Elevation community for their outstanding work in the English and Maths teams in our foundation years.

James Devlin comes to us from Whittlesea Secondary College, where he has been a House Leader for a number of years, and leader within their SWPBS structure.

Rory Henderson comes to us from Mill Park Secondary College. Rory has worked as a Year 12 and VCAL Coordinator, VCAL and Biology teacher. Prior to this he worked in schools in disadvantaged areas of the UK.

We are very excited to expand our leadership team and staff for 2022 with these great education professionals.

Review Report Received – Directions For New Strategic Plan Identified

During Term 2 our school underwent an external School Review, which all schools undertake every four years and new schools undertake in their 2nd year of operation. The review identified many strong practices from a whole school and teacher level and the positive responses from our community in our first 18 months of operation.

The review identified some key directions for the next four years of the school, which will form the basis of our next strategic plan. The plan will be developed by the leadership team at the school and should be finalised by the end of term 3.

The three broad goals are:

Improve Learning Growth for all students

Improve student engagement in learning

Improve health and wellbeing of all students

Master Planning and Building Planning Continues For Stage 2 Construction

The past few weeks have seen a lot of progress towards the completion of the master plan for stage 2 development and refinement of classroom design. The design process is nearly finalised and the project will be put out to tender shortly. The expected timeline is that a builder will be appointed in December for works to start in January 2022.

Principals Report 2
MP Ros Spence with Colin Burke

I will provide more detail, including some of the master planning documents once they are finalised and the tender process is concluded.

Principals Report 3
Architects Design

Student Learning Conferences

Thanks to the families who participated in our Student Learning Conferences this last week. We obviously prefer to do these face to face, however we do our best in the current circumstances. I hope that parents and cares have found the Student Learning Conference format insightful and helpful in identifying next steps of support.  

Principals Report 4

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