Principals Report

Learning From Home

Principals Report 1
Colin Burke

I write to you again in the midst of another COVID-19 lockdown. Obviously this is not where any of us would like to be at the moment, but it’s vital for our students (your children’s) sake that we work together to provide consistency during the Learning From Home period.
Hopefully we’ll be returning to on-site school next Wednesday 28 July.
This extension of time places an even greater need for every student to be following their timetable, attending every single Google Meet session and actively engaging in their learning. 
A powerful help for children and teenagers when there is disruption in their life is to provide certainty wherever possible. It can be helpful to not only students learning, but to improving mood and reducing anxiety to provide certainty and routine wherever possible. As well as your child’s Learning From Home timetable, you can provide routine by setting regular sleep times, encouraging regular exercise and outside time, getting your child to help with housework etc. 
Parental self care can be really hard at times like this, but I would encourage parents where possible to find ways to care for themselves in this period. 
As always, please reach out to the school for support.

Semester 1 Reflection

It is important to reflect on learning at regular intervals and especially at major milestones like the end of the year or end of semester. Our Year 7 students have now completed the first semester of secondary school which is a major achievement, and our Year 8 students are now halfway through their crucial year 8 program.

The semester reports were released on Friday the 25th June and are an important way to reflect on learning. I would encourage all families to sit, read and discuss their child’s learning progress and achievements together and set some targets for second semester. I would like to comment on how well all of our students handled the sudden switch back to remote learning and then the resulting return to school. These disruptions are not ideal for learning and despite what some people in the media would say, remote learning will never be as powerful for learning and adolescent development as face-to-face schooling. Thanks for the support from all members of the Elevation community who supported our students and teachers to get on with the job of powerful learning during this latest lock down.

Semester 2 Regular Subject Changes

All families should be aware that in Year 7 and 8 – Arts and Technology subjects changed at the semester break. This means that all students in 7 and 8 will have two new subjects and teachers in the Arts and Technology areas. As a result there will also be changes to timetables for every student.

All students will be given a hard copy of their timetable in Mentor Group on Monday 12 July. Compass has been updated with the new timetable.

Greenvale Bus Route Changes

The ongoing School Special service for Elevation Secondary College will commence on Monday 12 July 2021.This is the service that was funded in last year’s state budget and begun (in an interim form) this year.

This service will replace the temporary service that was put in place earlier this year, providing one trip in the morning from Greenvale North and a return trip in the afternoon.

Also, the route has been expanded to include Destination Drive in Greenvale. As a result, there will be changes to the current timetable.

Principals Report 2
New Greenvale Bus Route

The bus stop at Elevation Secondary College is complete.

This is great news for the school community.

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