Principals Report

Principals Report 1
Colin Burke

Stage 2 Funding Received!

I am very excited to announce that in the state budget Elevation Secondary College has received $26 million in funding for stage 2 of its development.

The funding secures our Gymnasium and performing arts building, two new learning communities, more hardcourts, school oval and playing space. 

This is outstanding news and means that the school will be fully developed and finished within the next two years. When finished we will have the best and most cutting edge secondary school facilities in Melbourne’s north.

We will keep you updated with progress and timelines as we receive the information.

Thanks so much to our entire community for their advocacy of this project at all levels.

Principals Report 2
Stage 2 Build

Student Perspectives

We really value our community at Elevation Secondary and try to understand the perspectives that our diverse community brings. Recently we have started to bring student perspectives to our staff meetings – where students present to staff about their unique cultural, religious, linguistic and family perspectives.

Most recently Burhan Demircelik and Havva Demir spoke to our entire teaching staff about their perspective as Turkish Australians. Burhan and Havva did an outstanding job of articulating aspects of their cultural background and specific issues faced by students from Turkish backgrounds. Memorably, Burhan and Havva led the staff in practicing pronunciation of Turkish sounds and names which was a fun activity, but made an excellent point to our staff that correct pronunciation of names is so important to building respect and strong relationships. Congratulations to Havva and Burhan for their outstanding work.


Parents are invited to join and attend our School Council committee meetings which are held once a term. The School Council has three standing committees:

  • Curriculum and Education committee
  • Facilities and Resources committee
  • Wellbeing and Community

Our first Curriculum and Education committee on 6 May was very well attended by parents who provided some in depth and specific feedback on our reports.

The Facilities and Resources committee meeting for term 2 will be held on the 10th of June. Interested parents should contact Lexia Collins to register their attendance.


We had a very successful week of NAPLAN testing. Our Year 7 students responded exceptionally well to the high expectations placed on them during the testing week. We had excellent attendance with only a handful of students being absent on Tuesday and Wednesday. Eid celebrations meant that a number of students were absent on Thursday but most were able to complete their tests in catchup sessions on Friday.

I was exceptionally impressed by the serious demeanour with which our students took the test, their behaviour within the testing rooms and their ability to work through and use the entire test time.

Thanks to Matt Williamson for his coordination of NAPLAN and to Ashleigh Dimasi for her organisation and timetabling.

New Staff

We have recently appointed Musaab Rawasia as a Maths Science teacher, to take on a number of classes in second semester. Musaab has taught in a range of Victorian schools in the past 10 years and most recently has been teaching at Haileybury College.

We are also pleased to inform the community that Fatin Al Banna will be joining us for the rest of the year as a Multicultural Education Aide. 

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