Principal’s Report

Senior School Program

It has been a very exciting term in the careers and pathways areas – as our Year 10 students moved through our Pathways process to select their Senior School Programs. Across terms 2 and 3 students worked through a range of processes and programs within their Personal Development classes culminating in their Careers Conversations on the 10th and 11th of August.

While final learning programs won’t be published until later in term 4, it’s been great to see our students engaging so deeply with the process and with such great consideration. Our staff have been readily preparing VCE and VCE Vocational Major programs for students and cant wait to start teaching the programs next year.

At this point it’s worth noting that we already have 2 groups of VCE pioneers – our Year 10 accelerated students – who are already studying Units 1 and 2 of Year 11 media and Psychology. A huge thanks to Mr. James, Ms. Gooch Andrew and Ms. Lane for taking on these responsibilities.

Term 4 – VCE Orientation

As well as end of year exams, our year 10 students will be undertaking an intensive two-day VCE Orientation program during term 4. 

R U OK? Week

Our school has been delighted with the way our students and staff have celebrated and embraced R U OK? Week!

Wellbeing and mental health are so important and it’s been great to see the range of activities that have encouraged our community to ask each other – are you okay?

The challenge from here – for our whole community – is to keep on checking on each other’s wellbeing – after the festivities of R U OK? Week are over. The smallest of gestures like this can really make someone’s day and help their wellbeing.


One of our amazing Assistant Principals – Angela Lane – will be taking some well-deserved leave during term 4 of this year. As our foundation Assistant Principal – Ms Lane has worked tirelessly to for the last four years to establish so much about our school. Wishing Ms Lane a restful period of leave in this time.

School Holidays

School returns for every year level on Monday the 2nd of October. Wishing all of our students a restful holiday break.

By Colin Burke

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