Principal’s Report

Colin Burke
Colin Burke

Successful start to the year

We have had a highly successful start to our second year. Our new cohort of approximately 170 year 7 students have settled in well and our year 8 students have started the year strongly. In addition to our year 7s, we also welcomed half a dozen new year 8 students to the cohort. Our new teaching staff have also settled in well. While we haven’t been able to have many parents and families on site as yet, we are hoping that a few upcoming events will allow us to meet our new and old families face to face.

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Year 7’s in the classroom
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Some student goals for 2021
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Snap 5 day lockdown – Thanks to the whole community

Thanks to all of our Elevation community for supporting student learning during the latest 5 day snap lockdown. Students returned to school really well and jumped back into face to face learning really quickly. Hopefully most parents ended up with a nice cup of tea and a biscuit from their child – following the home based tasks from Personal Development!

We simply don’t know what the next twist or turn in this current global crisis is. What we do know is that the uncertainty created by the world situation can be somewhat balanced out by families and the school working together to provide certainty and challenge for their children. In times of crisis, support, challenge and certainty are what help our children develop resilience and perseverance.

New things happening all the time

As well as new students and staff, we have a range of new programs and firsts happening all the time:

  • Instrumental Music lessons have launched in guitar, vocals, keyboard and bass. Each of our two classroom music teachers Mr Schutz and Ms Ng will take small group and individual student tuition, as well as Ms Ianelli our Instrumental Music Teacher. We are very excited to be launching our performing arts program this way. We certainly have ambitions to grow this program extensively in coming years.
  • Interschool sport signs ups are huge. Due to COVID we only had the opportunity to have one sport team head out last year, but I’m pleased to say that over 100 students had signed up for the first round of interschool sports within a day.
  • Audio/Video expansion to all classrooms. We have just about finalised the installation of the remaining audio/video units into existing classrooms. This means every classroom space now has the ability for teachers and students to project video and presentations.
  • Our two new relocatable classrooms are installed and are nearly complete and ready for use. These specialist rooms will allow us to expand our curriculum offerings before stage 2 of building is complete.
  • We are also in the process of rolling out our tutoring and learning support for students. Our year 8’s have been identified and will start to receive in class and small group withdrawal in coming weeks.
  • 5 day Library. Our library is now up and running 5 days a week. The library is open before school, after school until 4:15, recess and lunchtime each day. Students can borrow or complete quiet study in the library during these times. Organised and supported homework club will start next term.

School Council Election

As you will have seen our first School Council election has been run and won. I would like to congratulate:

The successful nominations for the Parent Category are:

  • Divya Sharma
  • Samantha Sattler
  • Katherine Bell
  • Mary Skopelianos
  • Rupinder Kaur
  • Marnie Condon
  • Susan Grant

The successful nomination for the DET Employee Category are:

  • Kyle Schutz
  • Renee Gaitanis
  • Angela Lane

The successful applicants will be required to be present at the first official elected school council meeting on Tuesday March 23rd at 5.30pm.

The successful student nominations will be announced at the conclusion of the ballot on Wednesday March 10th

I would sincerely like to thank all of our Interim Councillors for their work and support in establishing this school.

New staff

We have welcomed a range of new staff to the school this year who are already contributing a great deal to the development and growth of our school:

Kim Calder – English/Humanities and Junior School Leader

Michelle Luo – Languages Chinese and Science

Jessica Colliver – English/Humanities and Year 8 Coordinator

Margaret Nicholas – English/Humanities

Brandon Isaac – PE and PE Health Coordinator

Ann- Marie Ng – Music

Alicia Farley – Mathematics

Monique Petrone – Mathematics

Fal Bhaat – Science and Maths – Year 7 Coordinator

Felishia Iannelli – Instrumental Music Teacher

Brendan Pye – Design Technology

Melissa Vella – Maths and Technology

Carissa Tan – Languages Chinese and Humanities

Luke Meney – ICT

Matthew Chaston – PE Health

J’Mara McDonald – Humanities and PE Health

Jodie Siamoa – Teacher Aide

Neeranjanee Sumputh – Teacher Aide

Peter Grillo – Grounds and Facilities

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