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Rory Henderson

As we near the end of the term and the end of the year, we wish Year 9’s the best of luck for their upcoming exams, taking place from the 6th-8th December. We also congratulate them for their recent participation in the Real Industry Job Interviews as part of their personal development this year. The community volunteers were impressed with the way that students presented themselves and hopefully this experience will be useful when students begin applying for part-time jobs at the moment and full-time jobs in their life after school and/or further study.

City School

If your child is not attending City School on the 13th-15th December, they are expected to attend school on those days, where a literacy-numeracy program will take place. Alternatively, students not attending are also encouraged to find work experience during this time – please speak to Mr Henderson or Ms Hunter for more details. 

For students who are attending, they are expected to meet their teachers at Craigieburn Station by 08:30am on the morning of the 13th and 14th. The cost of all excursions is covered by the money paid, but students will also need to ensure they have a Myki card topped up for three days . Students should bring a packed lunch for the first and second days, but are welcome to purchase food in the city on their third day. They may also want to bring some additional money on they day they do the Eureka Skydeck, if they want to take part in the optional “Edge” experience.

Students have already begun looking at navigation skills during personal development and will be provided with extensive instructions on how to get to the excursions they are navigating to without teachers. A full safety briefing for students will take place on Tuesday 5th December. We would also like to remind parents that if students are not acting in a safe way during the experience, they may be banned from future days. Students should arrive back to Craigieburn at approximately 3-3.30PM on the first two days, but this may vary with transport times. Students will be dismissed from Flinders Street Station in the city on the third day.


Year 10 Work Experience 2024

At Elevation Secondary College, Work Experience is a compulsory program in Year 10 and is running in the last week of Term 2- Monday 24th June to Friday 28th June.

Work Experience is the short-term placement of secondary school students with employers. 

During their placement, students will experience what it is like to work in their chosen industry while also having a taste of the world of work in general.

Work Experience helps students make informed decisions about their future and will help them develop valuable employability skills and networks. In some cases, students may receive a job or apprenticeship offer at the end of their placement.

All Year 9 students were introduced to the program in Week 7’s PDM session, have been given Initial Forms and have been encouraged to begin seeking out placements over the upcoming Christmas break.

More information and copies of the Initial Form are available on Compass for those who need it. Ms Hunter and Ms Connor are also available in the Year 10 Coordination Office for those who would like assistance in any way.

Mr Rory Henderson- Year 9 Leading Teacher

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