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Rory Henderson

Subject Selection

Thanks to all the families who have assisted their children with their subject selection for Year 9 into Year 10. Subjects for 2024 will be confirmed in the later half of Term 4. While we will make every effort to take subject preferences into account, students are not guaranteed to get their preferences.

Melbourne Storm in League In Harmony

This term, 13 students from Year 8-9 took part in the Melbourne Storm In League In Harmony program. Congratulations to Blake (8C), Elijah-Thomas (8E), Tanisha (8F), Hassan (8H), Angel, Anna, Zac (all 9A), Tia, Harper (both 9C), Nathaniel, Aiden (both 9G) and Jeremiah (9H) for your fantastic participation.

Students have learned about important themes such as resilience, community and legacy during this program, as well as getting to learn some rugby league ball skills. On behalf of the students, we would also like to express our thanks to Pauline Poloai from the Melbourne Storm community engagement team for facilitating these sessions.

Middle School 2

City School Excursion

City School excursions will be taking place from December 13-15th in Term 4. Plenty more information will be given to students over the next few months and to families through Compass and this newsletter, but for now, please note down the dates. The cost for the excursions will be approximately $80 (please see Compass when the event is live for exact amount) and be aware that students will need a full Myki card for the three days of this. Also, please note that the City School experience will involve some time without staff supervision. More details to come in Term 4!

Work Experience

Work experience for Year 10 students in 2024 will be taking place from 24th-28th June, the final week of Term 2. We encourage students to begin looking for opportunities already. Please keep an eye out for opportunities being posted on Compass!

Mr Rory Henderson- Year 9 Leading Teacher

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