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Welcome to Term 1! I hope that students and families enjoyed the break and made the most of the opportunity to enjoy some family time.  

We are very proud of the way in which our students and families have adapted to secondary school life and routine. 

Starting Year 7 is a scary time for students and guardians. It is important to remember this feeling isn’t going to last forever and it’s just until the routines settle. 

Over the three weeks we have seen a massive change in Year 7 student urgency. Students are making their way to their lockers, collecting their belongings for class and moving off to classes quickly. Now that everyone has an understanding of the school lay out and where classes are, it really does show. Please encourage students to not waste time and move to class quickly.


Uniform has been impeccable and all students have been following the process of wearing the correct uniform on the correct days. 

Please remember if our students come to school wearing the wrong uniform they do need to provide a note. 

College Canteen

We are pleased to advise our families that the College Canteen is open. It will be operated by Bocca Foods.

Attached to this news feed is the menu which is being offered.  All orders can be placed online on www.boccafoods.com.au.

Register your child/children. Enter their Year Level, in the box which reads Classroom will be their mentor group.  All of which is found on Compass. 

You can order students lunch by 9am and pay online.

”Bocca Foods prefer online ordering.”  This assists with ordering and catering, and will reduce lines and waiting time for food.

Lunch can be purchased from the counter using CASH and EFTPOS

STRICTLY NO PAYMENTS BY MOBILE OR SMART WATCHES.  Under Ministerial Order phones must not be used and will not be accepted.

We are also teaching students how to use the canteen space appropriately and respectfully. 

Elevation Secondary College has Houses!

A process was started last year, were students had their say in developing Elevation Secondary College’s House system. Students were asked different Themes and ideas. Student selected Native Animals using the Indigenous language of our area – The Gunung-Willam-Balluk of the Wurundjeri Woi Wurrung.

Students have voted this week as the first formal thing as a house. Each student was able to vote for their house’s Mascot and their house motto. The results are in

House ColourHouse Name and MascotHouse Motto
RedBunjil (Eagle)Reach for the stars
GreenMarram (Kangaroo)Dare to succeed
BlueGurnmil (Snake)Never give up
YellowWirringan (Dingo)One team, one dream

The next step in those process will be to develop a House shield/logo. 

This will be open to everyone in the school community to design a logo for each house.. 

Each design will need to include the House Colour, House name (eg, Bunjil), Picture of the animal (Eagle) and the House Motto on a Shield. These can be submitted by google form provided below or by handing in hard copies at the front office.


School Wide Positive Behaviour Support (SWPBS) 

School-wide positive behaviour support (SWPBS) is a framework that brings together school communities to develop positive, safe, supportive learning cultures. SWPBS assists schools to improve social, emotional, behavioural and academic outcomes for children and young people.

Through this framework, we are continually introducing new things into the College to build and support our school community. 

Aspire Shop

Last year we introduced the Aspire Shop. The Aspire shop is a reward system for students that are demonstrating the school values of Aim High, Work Hard and Be Good in their everyday school life.

For every positive action that gets reported on Compass, students earn an Aspire point. These build up and allow students to purchase items in the Aspire Shop. The more Aspire points a student has the better the prizes they can buy. The Aspire shop will continue to run this year and is looking at opening this year in week 5. 

This Aspire shop is mainly run through support and donations from local businesses. If you would like to offer something into the Aspire shop as a prize for student, please contact the school in regards to the Aspire Shop.

Aspire of the Month

This year we are introducing ‘Aspire of the Month’. This is to recognise students that have demonstrated exceptional values of Aim High, Work Hard and Be Good within the school community.
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Aspire’s of the Month

Aim High: Oscar 8C

Work Hard: Jashan 9A

Be Good: Savyo 8H

Well done to all our award winners this month. There were over 50 nominations for Aspire of the month and what you have demonstrated has been exceptional and well deserving of the awards!

By Matina Konstantinakos & James Devlin


This year we are pleased to announce the official start of the Elevation Safety Hub Website! Created in conjunction with ‘ysafe’, this is a one stop shop for families being internet safe. Everything from social media questions answered, setting up parental controls, and short easy to understand app and game information guides with risks outlined.

The safety hub can be found at https://elevationsc.onlinesafetyhub.com.au/, and is regularly updated. We highly recommend that parents/guardians start with the online safety quiz

At ESC we recognise that families play a very important role in helping create safer online experiences for children and young people. The following resources can further support online safety:

Think You Know provides education and resources for parents, carers and educators, children and young people to prevent online child sexual exploitation.  We recommend the following resources from their website: 

The eSafety Commissioner website is a great resource to practically support your family’s online safety this year. Here you can find information and resources on: 

To access the ESC Digital Technologies Policy, please click here

By Liesl Albion, Jasper Pentland & Lauren Turnbull

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