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Careers and Pathways Work

Year 8 students have been busy in Personal Development sessions investigating potential careers and pathway options, learning about the differences between traineeships, apprenticeships, TAFE, university etc. They have created a career profile on: myfuture.edu.au which has given students ‘suggested occupations’ based on their answers for a number of questions asked. I should point out that the list is not designed to limit discussions, rather think about a range of fields students may not even know exist.

I would strongly encourage families to start a conversation around this topic, and especially when we can’t get outside much, use some of the time to do some research into in demand fields, such as childcare, construction, allied health etc. Although further work will continue at school, open discussions with family at this early stage makes choosing subjects and pathways in later years so much easier.

To assist your child in their career development, myfuture provides resources to explore career pathways, and tools to develop self-knowledge to help with career decision-making. Here is the link to a recording of the ‘Introduction to myfuture’: https://myfuture.edu.au/footer/assist-others/webinars


On Monday 16th of August, all students viewed our Term 3 virtual assembly during their Personal Development lesson. During the assembly, the student representative council and teachers discussed important school topics, some of those included:

Celebrating National Principals Day
Bullying Survey data
Cultural Exchange – Hindu, Raksha Bandham: A day for brothers and sisters
Important dates coming up: Year 7 La Trobe University excursion, R U OK day and our HeadSpace incursion
Tips on how to look after your wellbeing during lockdown
Student Learning Conferences
Lockdown 5.0 Attendance Challenge winners: 8A and 7G
Shout out from Peter Hitchener
That feeling when Peter Hitchener shows up at your assembly, and he knows your behavioural expectations!

Thank you to all of the members of our SRC and students who created clips to be included in our assembly, and of course to Peter Hitchener!

How To Demonstrate Our School Values During Lockdown

At Elevation Secondary College we live and work by four values, they are: Achievement, Acceptance, Responsibility and Community. It’s important that during lockdown we continue to live by our values.

The SRC have put together some tips on how we can continue to demonstrate our four values during these difficult times:

Some ways that we can demonstrate our Value of Community during lockdown are:

  • Checking in on friends and family by texting or calling them
  • Helping our family with housework

To demonstrate Achievement, we can:

  • Keep using our school diaries to keep on top of homework and upcoming CATs
  • Ensure we are on time to our Google Meets

Some ways we can demonstrate Responsibility are:

  • Attending all Google Meets
  • Completing all of the tasks that are assigned to you

To demonstrate Acceptance we can:

  • Accept our current situation and that we cannot be at school
  • Use the Google Meets chat respectfully

Lockdown fatigue

Junior School / Engagement and Wellbeing 4

Let’s face it, lockdown is not pleasant at all. Families in Hume have experienced even more days in lockdown than the rest of Melbourne. This is obviously going to take a toll on everyone, which will be felt in a number of different ways.

You’ve probably heard of things we can all do to keep our lives as close to normal as possible including: keeping a routine, sleeping a bit more than usual, exercising at least 60 minutes a day and connecting on the phone/video calls with friends and family.

Most of us are currently experiencing something called ‘lockdown fatigue’, caused by uncertainty and constant changing of goalposts. A way to reduce lockdown fatigue is to focus on certainty. The recent lockdown extension, although frustrating, at least gave us some certainty for the next few weeks.

Book in a phone call with someone you haven’t spoken to in a while.
Schedule a movie with the family.
Grab out the scrabble board that’s been sitting in the cupboard for two years.
Put some plans in place that lockdown restrictions can’t change.

It will give you the feeling of more control in your life when so much has been temporarily taken away. As always, please reach out to us or the many services available before things feel like they are too much to handle.

Useful Tips and Links to Help Manage Lockdown

Parent Zone newsletter: https://www.anglicarevic.org.au/wp-content/uploads/2021/06/PZ_Newsletter_Term_3_2021-Northern-Newsletter.pdf


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