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Remote Learning Extended

The Victorian government has announced a 7 day extension of our lockdown.
This means we will continue our remote learning until next Tuesday 27 July, hopefully returning to on-site school next Wednesday 28 July.
This extension of time places an even greater need for everyone to be following their timetable, attending every single google meet session and actively engaging in their learning.
The announcement of this extension may also cause frustration, anxiety, tiredness, loneliness amongst other feelings to you, your family and your friends. These are normal responses, especially after so much time over the past year or so living with restrictions. Please look out for people around you at this time, including yourself. Routines, sleep, exercise, connection with friends, getting some fresh air and time away from screens are all really important.
Help out around the house, touch base with your friends remotely and remember to follow all the rules when it comes to lockdown. If we all stick to the rules, we’ll be out of this on time.

Remember to touch base with someone if you or someone close to you is finding this tough.

Your teachers and coordination staff are also here to assist as best we can.
See you all online.

Hume Mental Health Summit

On 17 June a number of our students represented Elevation Secondary College in the Hume Mental Health Summit. Our students did an amazing job, joining in with discussions, providing feedback to services and assisted with presentations. We’re so proud of the students involved and definitely see some future leaders amongst them.

Junior School / Engagement and Wellbeing 3
Hume Mental Health Summit 2021

HeadSpace Incursion

Unfortunately, due to COVID restrictions, the incursion that was due to occur on 16 June had to be rescheduled to early Term 3. Students will learn about healthy relationships, setting boundaries, rights and responsibilities and how to communicate with peers and friends in a positive way. HeadSpace has also offered to set up a lunchtime stall where students will be able to ask any questions they may have as well as participate in giant Jenga and other fun activities. We look forward to welcoming HeadSpace into our school community.

End of Semester Awards

On the last day of Term 2 we celebrated the success of our students in our awards ceremonies for Year 7 and 8. All these students demonstrated the school’s behavioural expectations of Aim High, Work Hard and Be Good. We would like to congratulate all award recipients.

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