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Police Talk

On Wednesday 26 May we were lucky to have two police officers come in to speak with our students about bullying, cyber-bullying, vaping, sexting, consent and the role of the police in our community. The students engaged well, joined in with discussions and answered questions. Both officers also commented afterwards to staff on how well behaved and engaged the students were. Thank you to Ms. Colliver for organising the event.

Hume Mental Health Summit

We have been invited to attend the Hume Mental Health Summit on 17th June. This event will be run virtually (for us and some others) as well as in person at the Broadmeadows Town Hall. This will give a select group of students an opportunity to get involved in activities, discussions and presentations. The visions of our students will be collated into a report and shared amongst community groups such as local support services. Details have been sent out to students involved.

HeadSpace Incursion

 On the 16th of June, all students at Elevation Secondary College will take part in a workshop presented by HeadSpace Craigieburn. HeadSpace is the National Youth Mental Health Foundation providing early intervention mental health services to 12-25 year olds. During this workshop students will learn about healthy relationships, setting boundaries, rights and responsibilities and how to communicate with peers and friends in a positive way. HeadSpace has also offered to set up a lunchtime stall where students will be able to ask any questions they may have as well as participate in giant jenga and other fun activities. We look forward to welcoming HeadSpace into our school community.

End of Semester Awards

It is hard to believe, but we’re nearing the end of Semester One. Our End of Semester Awards recognise students who have demonstrated our school behavioural expectations of Aim High, Work Hard and Be Good. The awards assembly will occur on the last day of term, Friday 25 June. As this is a formal assembly at school, it is really important that students are wearing their correct uniform, including ties, if they are in academic uniform on that day. It is really important that all students attend school right up until the end of the last day, not only to continue their learning, but also join in our school community in celebrating the success of our students.


Since October last year, schools all over Melbourne have seen unprecedented increase in the use of vaping devices. ‘Vapes’ are often sold online, but can be purchased by people over 18 in stores. Legally, no-one under 18 is allowed to possess, use or sell vaping devices and can be charged. Vaping by anyone is illegal on school grounds or within 4 metres of school gates. Although the long-term health consequences of using vapes is somewhat unclear, there is strong evidence to prove that they are highly addictive and contain chemicals that cause great harm to the body. Even vapes that state they do not contain liquid nicotine often do as the sector is new and difficult to regulate. We would encourage all parents to speak with their children about the dangers of using vaping devices. I would also encourage parents to be on the lookout for them, as they are easily hidden and could even be mistaken for something else such as a whistle or a kazoo or similar. If you are concerned about your child vaping, please contact your local GP and speak with us.

Wellbeing Coordinator and Mental Health Practicioner
Liesl Albion- Wellbeing Coordinator/Mental Health Practitioner providing support to our students and their families.

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