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Year 8 Camp 28th-30th November

Elevation Secondary College has secured a new free camp for all year 8 students as part of the government’s Positive start response to COVID. The Camp at the end of Term 3 had to be cancelled due to staff shortages at the camp. 

As this is a different camp with a different date, the camp is open to all year 8 students and consent will need to be provided again to attend. This camp will provide students with opportunities to participate in a range of different activities to develop personally and socially in a setting outside of school as they have had limited opportunities in the past few years. Students will participate in activities such as low ropes course, leadership activities, giant swing and much more.

Please see the event on Compass for further details.

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Camp Rumbug:https://www.pgladventurecamps.com.au/rumbug/?utm_source=gmb&utm_medium=organic&utm_content=gmbcamprumbug

PE and Humanities Excursion

On Wednesday October 26th our Year 8 students travelled to the Docklands to participate in two activities which are based on Health/Physical Education and Humanities. 

In Health and Physical Education students learnt about the great outdoors and participated in ice skating for the activity. 

In Humanities students learnt about urbanisation. As part of the excursion students explored the Docklands area and completed a fieldwork task.

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Digital Thumbprint 7-9

Year 7 and 8 students have participated in a cyberbullying and respectful relationships information session run by Optus. Students explored the importance of respectful relationships online through compelling scenarios, and were asked to consider their impact when interacting online.

Students enjoyed the hands on tasks and made them consider how safe their own usage was. Our students really took in the information and maybe they have spoken to you about how safe your passwords are and what information to be careful about sharing online!

Year 9 students will have their Digital Thumbprint Session coming up on the 2nd November. 

Elevation is Getting School Houses for 2023!

All students are getting opportunities to select what Elevations house names will be for the school in 2023. All year groups are currently taking part in personal development sessions to give their input on a future school house system by nominating ideas on what or who our house could be named in 2023.

The house names that the students put forward and select will be a long lasting feature and legacy the current students will forever have on Elevation Secondary College.

Aspire Shop Entry Tickets

he Aspire shop is a way to reward students that have been demonstrating exceptional behaviors in relation to our school values of Aim High, Work Hard and Be Good. 

There are now two ways students can earn a Aspire Shop Entry Ticket to spend their Aspire Points!

How it works:

  1. Students earn Aspire points for their hard work
  2. All Aspire points go into the Mentor Group Aspire Raffle drawn every fortnight
  3. Winner is randomly selected and receive an Aspire Shop Entry Ticket
  4. A second ticket is also drawn – A Mentor Group Teacher Ticket. This is awarded to the student that has achieved the best Aspire entry for the fortnight, to recognise amazing efforts that students are showing.
  5. Students that receive an Aspire Shop Entry Ticket can then access the Aspire Shop and spend the Aspire Points that have earned through the year to purchase items. 

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Congratulations to students that have already received an Aspire Shop Entry Ticket and to the students that have already made their first purchases!

For everyone else, the more Aspire Points that you earn the more likely you are to get drawn and the more Aspire Points you have to spend at the Aspire Shop!

City School

Year 9 students will have the opportunity to take part in a number of excursions in the CBD and nearby areas from the 13th-15th December, in Week 11. Excursions will include the Eureka Skydeck, Hard Rock Climbing and Ice Skating, as well as various other activities. Students will need to ensure they have a fully loaded Myki card for the three days they take part, as they will be getting into the city and to their excursions using public transport.

On the first day, students will travel into the city with their mentor group teacher (or another classes mentor group teacher) and need to travel to their excursions with their teacher – on this day, it is recommended that they bring a packed lunch. They will travel back to Craigieburn station with their teacher. On the second day, they will have some opportunities to move more independently. .On the third day, they will take part in an afternoon activity that involves navigating the CBD in small groups and will be dismissed from a station in the central grid.This will build their confidence and independence throughout the week.

If you would like your child to attend, please respond on Compass and pay the $75 to cover the excursions by 30/11/2022.

Cyber Safety

Elevation Secondary College is committed to ensuring our students are having safe experiences learning and socialising online. Part of being safe online is knowing how to notice unsafe or potentially risky behaviour, and report any concerns. The Internet can be a fun place to learn and socialise but risks do exist, and most problems online can be prevented through education and conversation with your children at home and at school. 

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We encourage parents to have open and ongoing discussions with their children about their Internet use. When students commence enrolment at Elevation Secondary College, All students and their parent or carer sign an agreement stating that they will abide by Internet safety laws and school rules when using their device for school purposes. We encourage families to be aware of the information and resources available to parents and young people which support safe internet use. 


Reporting unsafe internet use is an important part of keeping our young people safe online. E-safety Commissioner have a function for reporting abuse or concerning material and can be accessed here; https://www.esafety.gov.au/report 

National Nutrition Week

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Elevation’s first Breakfast Club took place on Friday, week 3 of term and was a big success with staff and students supporting this wonderful initiative. The School Breakfast Club program is supported by Foodbank Australia, and will run one morning a week on Fridays. All students are welcome to drop by from 8.20am to enjoy a nourishing breakfast to start the school day well.

At Elevation we recognise that nutrition plays an important role in a student’s ability to learn and grow to their potential. We encourage students to eat breakfast and drink water daily, and bring water and snacks to school each day, as these steps are especially important in helping students feel ready to learn and able to manage the demands of the school day.

Our school’s first breakfast club has coincided with National Nutrition Week, 16-23 October, supported by https://nutritionaustralia.org/ and this year’s theme is “Try for 5” which encourages Australians to eat their 5 serves of Veggies daily! 

Junior School / Engagement and Wellbeing 14

Please take some time to talk with your children about the importance of eating well and fueling their body with a variety of food groups. This link from Nutrition Australia could be a great visual guide to support the conversation around encouraging young people to eat a variety of food groups, every day. Teenagers and adults are recommended to eat at least 2 serves of fruit, and 5 serves of vegetables daily. Nutrition Australia also have some breakfast ideas that you and your child can make at home to encourage them to eat a nourishing breakfast which can help them fuel their bodies for a big day ahead;


In League In Harmony Program

Junior School / Engagement and Wellbeing 15

We would also like to thank all the students who participated in the In League In Harmony program that ran in Term 3. Ten of our year 9 students participated in this personal development program delivered by the NRL’s Community Harmony and Inclusion team.

The program involved 6 weekly lessons and one morning of Rugby games, all focusing on learning how respect, teamwork, inclusion and leadership can empower our students to build their skills to promote harmony within their school community. Students and staff involved all reported back that this was a valuable and meaningful experience, and we all had fun picking up some NRL ball skills!

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