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Rory Henderson

National Sorry Day

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On the 26th of May is National Sorry day, which was recognised by the Koorie Group creating and presenting information to the different year levels during Personal Development. Thank you to the Koorie group for creating the presentations for the school to learn and recognise the significance of National Sorry Day.


Year level assemblies have taken place for all students this term and have covered a variety of topics for students and celebrate successes that students have achieved. Students have taken on responsibilities to present alongside the teachers on a variety of topics to their year levels and have shown great leadership in doing so. 

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Morrisby Testing

Year 9 students have begun their Morrisby testing, which will continue over the next few personal development sessions. This is a series of questions related to literacy, numeracy, abstract thinking and what the students are interested in. From this, students will receive suggestions for careers that suit their personality, interests and strengths, which will be helpful as they consider future pathways. Click the link for a better understanding about Morrisby testing: https://www.morrisby.com/parents

Lunchtime Activities

As the days become colder, students have been taking advantage of our lunchtime clubs and activities. The lunchtime clubs provide students with the opportunity to participate in an activity that interests them as well as connect and form relationships with students outside of their mentor group and/or year level. If students haven’t tried out one of the activities or clubs, now is the time! Below you will find the lunchtime club roster.

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Homework Club

Homework club is running on Monday and Thursday afternoons after-school in the library. This is an opportunity for students to work with our tutors on any homework they have, or to simply work quietly and independently. Our tutors have particular expertise in mathematics, but homework club is a place students can receive help for any subject.

Leadership Camp

Four year nine students were lucky enough to attend a ten day Leadership camp run by The Outdoor Education Group. They attended with students from eight other schools and had the opportunity to meet other young leaders, build relationships and learn more about their community and natural environment.  Read below what one year nine, Mya David, had to say about the experience:

During my camp experience I learnt so much about myself and others. I learnt self discipline through the freezing nights. I learnt to look up to the beautiful world we have been blessed with; the glossy wet trees dancing in the wind with wild bushes sprouting with flowers. I also learnt that you can build such a close community in such a short time of 10 days. I have no regrets and am proud of going on one of the best experiences of my high school time; this camp.

Mya David Yr9


As the school has grown, so has been the Student Wellbeing Team at Elevation Secondary College and we are very excited to share with you the changes that have been made this year. 

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From left to right: Angela Lane, Liesl Albion, Lauren Turnbull and Jasper Pentland

In term one we introduced Jasper, who has a background in social work and working in Secondary School settings.  He has hit the ground running and has loved getting to know welcoming students that we have at Elevation.  This has meant that we now have a student wellbeing coordinator/mental health practitioner, speech pathologists, a social worker and a part time school nurse who are available to work with your children on a range of wellbeing issues. Some of thing things that we might speak to your child about are:

  • Friendships, relationships and dealing with conflicts
  • Changes in their lives
  • Stress and coping
  • Pathway planning
  • Mental health concerns
  • Linking in with activities and supports in the community
  • Social skills
  • Adolescent health questions and concerns

If you would like to link your child in with one of our wellbeing staff, please contact your child’s mentor group teacher or a year level coordinator to discuss and arrange an appointment. If you would like to speak to a wellbeing member about any concerns that you have for your child, please call the school. 

School Nurse

Please download the attached note from our school Nurse, Lauren Turnbull, for our Parent/Guardians regarding the use of Electronic cigarettes (e-cigarettes)

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