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Alice Hu

Extension and Enrichment

Maths Talent Quest

Well done to Ammar Mahmoud in 8E who recently earned recognition in the National Maths Talent Quest Awards against over 450 participants for his project, “How AI will Impact the Global Economy and Future Job Opportunities.” His project received accolades, including: 

  • Best Project in Australia 
  • Best Project in Victoria & Tasmania 
  • High Distinction Award
  • Ministers’ Award for FLIP (Financial Literacy in Practice). 

The National Maths Talent Quest encourages students to apply mathematical concepts to their personal interests, aiming to break down barriers in learning Maths and expand on key concepts.

His project revolves around a powerful decision tool (formula) that helps governments all over the world predict AI impact on their GDP. The formula he created calculates the impact on the global economy. Ammar completed this by calculating various GDP growths for every continent due to AI in the past 10 years and the change of growth for every year and the amount of money that has been invested. Well done Ammar. 

Extension & Enrichment 2

Australian Maths Competition Results

Elevation Secondary College had its highest ever participation in the Australian Mathematics Competition (AMC) with over 60 students from the school taking part. The AMC is Australia’s most renowned math competition for school students, known for its challenging problems crafted by top educators and academics. Three students, Sophia Scott (7E), Saviru Kalansuriya (7F), and Rayshan Ruben (8A), earned Distinction certificates, with Sophia and Saviru also receiving the Best in School award. Additionally, 25 students from across all year levels received a Credit award.

The students are commended for representing the school and continuing to strive for excellence. Thank you to Dr Beach, Ms Eslake, Mr Haberman and Ms Hu for facilitating the ESC teams in these competitions. 

Alice Hu- Extension & Enrichment Coordinator

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