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Book Week 2023: Bookmark Design Competition

To celebrate Book Week 2023, students are invited to submit a bookmark design that responds to the theme ‘Read, Grow, Inspire’. The winning designs will be professionally printed and made available in the library.

  • Entries must be the original work of the student
  • Designs must be hand drawn. This can be pen/paint/pencil and paper, OR digitally drawn. Paper collage elements are acceptable.
  • No pre-made vectors, graphics or photographs may be used (e.g. Canva must not be used).
  • Entries should be submitted into the box in the library, in envelopes provided with a completed entry form.
  • The bookmark should be 200mm x 50mm. Templates will be provided in the library.
  • Each entrant will receive 1 Aspire Points.

Digital entries can be emailed to ellen.stephens@elevationsc.vic.edu.au

Entries close at 4pm Friday 25th August.

Prizes to Win!

1st Prize: $100 voucher from Readings Books

2x Runner Up Prizes: $50 voucher from Readings Books.

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Rate & Review Books!

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The countdown to Book Week 2023 is on, and the library wants you to make your thoughts heard!

Book reviews are a great way to express your thoughts about a book and help other readers decide which books they are going to read.

The library is giving away prizes to the best 7 reviews written between now and the start of Book Week in Week 7 (21/8)

To learn how to post a Book Review on the library website, click here.


  1. Dragon Ball Z Colossal Chi guide booklet and poster
  2. My Hero Academia Illustration booklet and poster
  3. Bleach travel guide booklet and poster
  4. Naruto Shinobi mini-guide and poster
  5. Attack on Titan Short Stories and Tokyo Ghoul poster
  6. Attack on Titan Short Stories 2 and sticker sheet
  7. Covers of Golden Age Comics mini magazine

Contact Ellen, ellen.stephens@elevationsc.vic.edu.au or come to the library if you have any questions.

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Elevation’s First Aid Officer: Melissa Barnden

I’d like to introduce myself to you as the College’s full time First Aid Officer

I have been working in the First Aid office at Elevation Secondary College for the past 18 months and have been working hard to ensure that the First Aid Office operates at a high standard.

Currently, I hold my certificate in Advanced First Aid and on the weekends, I work as a First Responder at a range of events.

If you need to update your child’s Action Plan, medications or inform us of any new or existing medical conditions, please don’t hesitate to come in and see me at any time.

I am here for all our students’ medical needs.

Instrumental Music at Elevation Secondary College

Do you want to learn or re-engage with an instrument?

ESC currently offers instrumental music lessons in:

  • Keyboard/Piano– Tereza Cuca
  • Vocals/Singing– Felisha Innelli
  • Drums– Troy Grech
  • Guitar and Bass– Nick Freer
  • Guitar– Tuan Le 

Forms to sign up for lessons are available at the front office and at the staff office in the G building. There is a fee to participate in the instrumental music program, and a wait list for some instruments (depending on popularity). Speak to the Music team for more information.

ESC also has a contemporary band that rehearses Wednesdays from 8.30-10.00, which all instrumental students are encouraged to participate in.

We look forward to growing the musical passion of our students at ESC!

Elevation Online Safety Hub Article of the Month

Self-diagnosing mental health using social media

“Using social media to self-diagnose mental illness is a potentially risky new trend among teens. Here are some things to consider.”

Click here to read this article.

Written by Online Safety Expert & Psychologist, Teodora Pavkovic

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To read more articles from Elevation Online Safety Hub, click the link below.


Canteen Ordering

We are pleased to advise our families that the College Canteen is open. It will be operated by Bocca Foods.

Attached to this news feed is the menu which is being offered.  All orders can be placed online on www.boccafoods.com.au.

Register your child/children. Enter their Year Level, in the box which reads Classroom will be their mentor group.  All of which is found on Compass. 

You can order students lunch by 9am and pay online.

”Bocca Foods prefer online ordering.”  This assists with ordering and catering, and will reduce lines and waiting time for food.

Lunch can be purchased from the counter using CASH and EFTPOS

STRICTLY NO PAYMENTS BY MOBILE OR SMART WATCHES.  Under Ministerial Order phones must not be used and will not be accepted.

We are also teaching students how to use the canteen space appropriately and respectfully. 

Canteen Notice

Recently, some students have been bringing in $100 notes to purchase food from the canteen. Just a reminder for students to please bring in ONLY small denominations as it will make it easier for our canteen team. Thank you.

Early Leaving Policy

School attendance is very important.
Students are required to attend school for the entire day. If there is an unavoidable reason for a student to leave school early on a particular day (such as for a medical appointment) a signed note from home must be provided.
Pickup times should coincide with recess and lunch.

  • Student brings a note from home explaining the absence and the intended departure time (recess or lunch). The note must be signed and dated by a parent/guardian
  • Student presents the note from home to the Mini School Admin Office before Mentor Group.
  • Student receives a signed Early Leaver note from the mini school.
  • At recess or lunch – the student brings the early Leaver note to the Administration Office and signs out.
  • Student is picked up

If a pickup time can only be during a timetabled period, the student must show their signed Early Leaver note to their classroom teacher at the designated time and then present to the office to be picked up.
School staff will not be collecting students from classes during timetabled periods.
It is the student’s responsibility to ensure that they arrive at the office for pickup at the designated time.
Learning is extremely important at Elevation Secondary College. Please note that staff cannot collect your child or put an announcement over speakers during class time.

Recess and Lunch Times
Recess –  10:56 – 11:24am
Lunch – 1:20 – 2:02pm

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