Curriculum & Student Learning

Curriculum & Student Learning 1
Brandon Isaac

Over the last term, the curriculum team have worked towards creating and improving a variety of areas of learning around the school. This includes improving current curriculum, academic preparation and VCE planning. 

As we approach the end of the year, students in years 9 and 10 are preparing for the exam period. Exams at Elevation Secondary college are formal and replicate the strict experience VCE students experience in year 12. For this reason, it is vital that students prepare using the textbook, notes, online materials and seeking feedback from teachers, so that they are fully prepared and have a positive experience during the exams.

At Elevations Secondary College we teach up to the final lesson. We believe that far from being a time to “wind down” the end of the year is critical for students to get prepared to take the next step in terms of their focus toward their studies. Students change over time and it is important to “end the year as you mean to start the next one”.

A large number of staff members have worked on developing VCE content for our year 11 students next year as well as preparing some of our students for unit 3 and 4 Media and Psychology in 2024. We eagerly await our first year of year 11 students and are looking forward to maintaining the academic rigor of the VCE and VM programs. 

Curriculum & Student Learning 2

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