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Curriculum & Student Learning 1
Julia Rossi

Arts & Technology

In the Arts & Technology department, we’ve had a great start to Term 3, with excited students from Years 7-10 starting their elective subjects. We have also welcomed some new staff to the department, who are excited to share in the learning growth of students.


The music team have been hard at work with our school bands, introducing new repertoire and working to improve current pieces. We are trying to increase participation in the school band and instrumental music program, with some talented students emerging from ESC.

Product Design

Students have started learning about Toy Design at year 8 product design. With all the information and skills they are learning, this will contribute to their own design later in the semester.

Visual Arts & Visual Communications

The arts team is gearing up for another productive semester. A large art order has just been placed, ready for the next lot of student works to be created.

  • Year 7’s are working on art elements and portraits, with a focus on surrealism.
  • Year 8’s are looking at 2-point perspective in designing their own houses.
  • Year 9’s are creating art in the natural world with a focus on observation with VCD looking at poster design.
  • Year 10’s are exploring art elements and drawing for communication.


Year 10 VCE Media students continue to impress their teachers with their dedication and commitment to their work. The Year 9 and 10 electives have just started, with students looking key media terms and concepts. The Year 9’s have started exploring narrative, watching a variety of clips from different movies. Year 10’s are exploring different types of shots in film and how they impact on themes and story development.

Food Technology

Students across years 7-10 have been excited to start Food Technologies or Food Studies, especially lessons in the kitchen. Year 7’s and 9’s have been focusing on kitchen safety, food safety and hygiene. Year 10’s have been applying their knowledge of food safety and hygiene to commercial kitchens and are working to complete a mini food safety certificate. We are looking forward to working through increasingly difficult recipes as students grow in their skills and confidence.

Julia RossiActing Learning Specialist- Arts & Technology

Curriculum & Student Learning 4
Margaret Nicholas

Curriculum Report | Subject Expo

On Monday, 17th July, the College held our annual Subject Expo Night for students in Years 8, 9 and 10. There were lots of families present who learned about the subject selection process for 2023.

Teachers explained the different VCE programs available for Elevation Secondary College in years 11 and 12 before students received their personalised letters outlining their recommended subject and program options for 2024. Students and families then walked through the Gym and met with teachers and guests from TAFE organisations to discuss the different subjects on offer at the college as well as future pathway options.

Curriculum & Student Learning 5

It was a very successful evening with lots of positive discussions about the future. If you have any questions about the subject selection process, please contact the school.

Margaret Nicholas- VCE Development

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