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It has been a busy start to Term 2 with many students within the Arts and Technology subjects completing their most recent assessment tasks. Many of these assessments across Year 7 to Year 10 have conducted a wide range of practical and theoretical based assessment tasks, in which our students have rigorously completed. 


In Music, the School Band are currently learning songs that they are excited to present and perform to the school. Year 7 students are creating bands and rehearsing songs from the Rock’n’Roll genre, whilst Year 8 students are researching and preparing to perform a Doo Wop song. Year 9 Music students are researching a protest song of their choice, while the Year 10 Music Performance students are preparing for both Solo performance as well as their upcoming exam, covering music theory, aural and analysis based questions.

Systems Technology

In Systems, students are learning about the Systems Engineering Process. They are keeping a logbook for each stage of the process, where they will build a LED Electronic Hourglass. 

Visual Arts

In Visual Arts, students have finished learning how to paint their own Self-Portraits using Acrylic Paint. Currently, students are learning how to design logos with a focus on typography. The Year 9 students are currently creating their own style skateboards, using a wide range of mediums to produce it. 

Visual Communications & Design

In Visual Communication and Design, students in Year 9 are learning how to design interior designs using isometric drawing techniques. They have recently completed learning how to design logos and posters using Adobe Illustrator.

Digital Technologies

In Digital Technologies at Year 7, students are learning the video editing software program called Premiere Pro, a video editing software where they will experiment with a wide range of functions around film editing. In Year 8, students are learning about the Spreadsheet Software called Excel, learning about basic formulas. In Year 9, students are learning to program pictures and animations using JavaScript. In Year 10, students have been learning about ethical and social ICT behaviours and how changes in technology has impacted on this.


In Media, the Year 9 students are about to commence their production making work, where they will collaboratively produce their own Music Videos. The VCE Media students are currently working on two outcomes in Unit 1. Outcome 2 focuses on Media Forms In Production, where students will work in groups to produce their own Teenage Genre Film and Movie Poster, across two separate media forms. In Outcome 3, students are learning about Australian Stories, focusing on the production, distribution of their Australian narrative media product, “Strictly Ballroom”. They will also focus on indigenous stories, as represented through the ABC Radio National podcast Awaye. 

Food Technology

In Food Technology, students in Year 7’s and 9’s are starting to work on their CAT3 Pie Task, where they can choose a country to base their pie filling recipe off. Recently, our Year 10 Food Studies students have finished their Food Truck CAT, where they were able to create a food item that would be suitable to make and sell in a food truck. These students have produced a wide range of wonderful food. 

Channel 9 Millionaire Hot Seat Excursion

On Tuesday 23rd of May, 11 of our VCE Media students went on an excursion to Docklands Studio to be a part of the studio audience of the Channel 9 Game Show “Millionaire Hot Seat”. The students woke up early to get to Craigieburn Station by 7am to be at the studios by 8:30am.

During the three episodes watched, students were able to witness how a television production was made. These included the setup and pack down of the studio, multi-camera operation, audience warm up, make-up artists and lighting. As members of the studio audience, the students were fundamental to the excitement of the show, by being required to clap and cheer loudly on command, as directed by legendary audience warm up guy Michael Pope, as contestants win money and when host Eddie McGuire enters the stage on his entrance.

In between breaks, students were also given the opportunity to ask questions about how television production is made, in which many of our students asked brilliant and insightful questions. Not only that, they had the pleasure of being able to interact with the host of the show, Eddie McGuire, as he shared a story to the students of his early years, as a child, riding his bike alongside the Craigieburn Golf Club. 

Be watching Millionaire Hot Seat at 5pm on Channel 9 during the month of October, as we will get to see the students of Elevation shown through wide angles and close up shots as these episodes will be going to air. And of course, watching contestants winning money!  A great day enjoyed by all! 

Curriculum & Student Learning 6
VCE Media Excursion

We continue to look forward to seeing many more examples of quality work produced by our talented students within the Arts and Technology department here at Elevation Secondary College as 2023 continues. 

Dean James

Learning Specialist- Arts & Technology

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