Curriculum & Learning Report

Curriculum & Learning Report 1
Jessica Beach


At Elevation Secondary College, our commitment to fostering a passion for science spans across all levels of education. In our junior years, 7 to 9, we offer a comprehensive curriculum encompassing all four branches of science: chemistry, biology, physics, and earth and space science. These foundational years serve as pillars for developing a robust understanding of scientific principles and inquiry skills. Through a blend of theoretical lecture-based learning and practical experiments, our students gain hands-on experience, to support their understanding of key concepts.

As our students transition into their senior years, we witness a natural progression towards specialisation in their scientific studies. Senior sciences take on a more focused approach, allowing students to delve deeper into their interests and pursue their passions with greater intensity. It’s with immense pleasure that we announce the launch of our first cohort of VCE Science classes, marking an exciting new chapter for Elevation Secondary College.

In these VCE Science classes, students have the opportunity to immerse themselves in their chosen fields of study, with specialised courses available in Chemistry, Physics, Biology, and VET Laboratory Skills. This significant milestone underscores our commitment to catering to the diverse interests and ambitions of our senior students.

New Staff

We are thrilled to introduce the newest members of our faculty, each bringing unique expertise and passion to our science department:

  • Ms. Jessica Smith (Physics, General Science, and Mathematics)
  • Ms. Amanpreet Kaur (Biology & General Science)
  • Ms. Nova McNamara (Chemistry & General Science)
  • Mr. Gregory Wilson (Biology, Chemistry, and General Science)
  • Mr. Jason Stradella (Psychology & General Science)
  • Ms. Kayla Donoghue (Forensic Science)
  • Ms. Rayanne Chebbou (Psychology)
  • Ms. Kyla Bokelund (Biology, General Science, and Psychology)

Tips for Success in Science Class

At Elevation Secondary School, we encourage our students to Aim High, Work Hard, and Be Good in their science studies. To succeed in science class, students should:

  • Come prepared with all necessary materials, including textbooks and laptops, ready to engage in active learning. 
  • Revise regularly, dedicating 15-20 minutes each night to review their notes and concepts covered in class. Additionally, completing assigned textbook questions reinforces understanding and helps solidify knowledge. 
  • Seek teacher help and feedback whenever needed, as this fosters a deeper comprehension of complex scientific concepts and ensures continuous improvement. 

By adopting these practices, our students can excel academically and develop crucial skills for future success in science.

Stay tuned for updates and highlights from our Science classes as we continue to push the boundaries of scientific exploration at Elevation Secondary College.

Jessica Beach

Curriculum & Learning Report 13
Alex Mangione

Learning Specialist- Science & PLCs


Mathematics forms the backbone of education, transcending beyond the confines of classroom walls to become an indispensable tool in everyday life. At Elevation Secondary College, we understand the paramount importance of numeracy skills in equipping our students for success in both their academic pursuits and future endeavors.

Numeracy skills aren’t merely about solving equations or memorising formulas; they are about cultivating a mindset of critical thinking, problem-solving, and logical reasoning. From managing personal finances to analysing complex data sets, proficiency in mathematics empowers individuals to make informed decisions and navigate the complexities of the modern world with confidence.

In line with our commitment to fostering mathematical excellence, we use Maths Pathway, an innovative online program designed to cater to each student’s unique learning needs. Maths Pathway offers personalised instruction, providing additional support or acceleration based on individual abilities and requirements. Students in Years 7-10 are tasked with completing six modules fortnightly as part of their mathematics curriculum. By maintaining this pace, we anticipate significant growth in students’ mathematical proficiency, with an estimated advancement of two years.

New Staff

We are delighted to welcome to cohort of new educators to our esteemed Mathematics faculty:

Each of these talented individuals brings a wealth of experience and passion for mathematics education, enriching our learning community and contributing to the cultivation of mathematical excellence at Elevation Secondary College.

Tips for Success in Maths Class

Succeeding in Maths at Elevation requires a blend of preparation, engagement, and persistence. To succeed in maths class, students should:

  • Come prepared with necessary equipment, especially laptops for Maths Pathways lessons, to facilitate active participation.
  • Seek additional support from teachers when facing challenging concepts or problems.
  • Utilise class time effectively to focus on completing practice problems and reinforcing understanding.

As we embark on this journey of mathematical exploration and growth, we extend our gratitude to parents, guardians, and the wider community for their continued support. Together, we are shaping the problem-solvers, innovators, and leaders of tomorrow through the power of mathematics.

Alex Mangione

Learning Specialist- Numeracy & PLC

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