Curriculum & Learning Report

Curriculum & Learning Report 1
Rory Henderson

Year 10 Exams

We would like to acknowledge the excellent behaviour shown by Year 10 students during Year 10 exams. These provide good preparation for the SACS and exams undertaken in VCE and the GAT (general achievement test) undertaken by both VCE and VCE VM students. Your child’s exam results will be visible on their reports.

How to access your Child’s Report

Semester reports are now able to be accessed. To do this: 

  • Login to compass. 
  • To the left of the screen, there is an option for “View Academic Reports” (see below). Click on this.
Curriculum & Learning Report 2
  • There will be an option for “2024-Semester One- Academic Report” in the “Reporting Cycle section.” Download this and you will be able to see the semester report.
Curriculum & Learning Report 3

Talking with your child about their report

We encourage parents to discuss their child’s academic reports with them. On the first page of the report there is an overview of how to read the report. You can discuss with your child areas they are strong in, struggling in and what they can do to improve in those areas. Encourage your child to reflect on their teacher’s feedback to help them strive for improvement in their subjects. 

You will also receive data about your child’s learning behaviours, rating how they have performed against our values of Aiming High, Working Hard and Being Good.

Rory Henderson

Curriculum, Data & Assessment Learning Specialist

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