Curriculum and Student Learning

Sonia Loudon
Sonia Loudon

It has been a fantastic start to the year from the perspective of learning at Elevation. Students were keen to be back in the classroom, to explore ideas and develop skills across all subjects. The new group of year sevens have settled in well to the high school subject-based structure and engaged in deep learning across all subjects.  While the circuit-breaker lockdown in term one created a short-term disruption, students were better able to settle quickly into their schoolwork on return. The new year eight cohort were leading the way, quickly adjusting to the face to face learning environment. This, of course, would not be possible without the efforts of the whole Elevation community, with parents playing a pivotal role in getting students prepared for the classroom. Students in year eight are now developing the ability to discuss increasing complex ideas in English and Humanities, and are building on skills acquired last year in Maths, Science and Health and Physical Education. More complex techniques in Art are challenging the years 8s to develop their approaches and ideas.

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Matthew Williamson

What’s going on in…


In Humanities, students in year 7 have been exploring the four key areas of study, History, Civics, Geography and Economics. A focus on chronology and historical significance has developed critical thinking about when events occurred and what made them important.

Year 8 students are learning about and challenging misconceptions about the Vikings, and the impact on the development of modern Europe.

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Students learnt about Viking runes, and wrote their name!


Students in year 7 have been focusing on their first study of a complete novel, Boy, by Roald Dahl. They have been connecting this Memoir with events in their own lives and learning that stories can develop from small events that might seem ordinary.

In year 8, students are focusing on the Novel Z for Zachariah, exploring the post-apocalyptic world of the novel, to better understand their world. Drawing on the similarities with their experiences with the recent pandemic, students are engaging in nightly deep reading and responses in the “reading logs” that they complete for homework each night. By doing this, students understand their reading and study habits and increase their endurance with reading. 

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