Curriculum and Student Learning

Curriculum and Student Learning 1
Sonia Loudon
Curriculum and Student Learning 2
Matthew Williamson

Year 8 Science and Chinese

Year 8 Science Students have been exploring the physics of light and sound recently.  In Art, students are taught that the primary colours are yellow, blue and red as these colours can be mixed together to make others. However, in Science students discover that the primary colours are green, blue and red and the secondary colours of cyan, yellow and magenta can be made using the additive method.

Even then it’s not so straightforward – inkjet printers require yellow, cyan and magenta inks to make a range of colours. Why do we keep saying that red and blue are primary colours? The answer is – language and culture. A rainbow has a continuous spectrum of light, with an infinite number of different colours. In English, we say the main colours of the rainbow are blue, indigo, violet, red, orange, yellow and green. However we don’t all define colours the same way. For example, in Chinese the colours of the rainbow are red (hóng), orange (chéng), yellow (huáng), green (lǜ), cyan (qīng), blue (lán) and purple (zǐ).

Academic Awards

All students should be congratulated again, thank you to families for supporting all students to persist and grow in their learning over a challenging 2nd term. At the end of Semester 1, we also celebrate the students who achieved the highest grades in each subject. Congratulations to all!

Year 7 Academic Awards

English – Amelia Vigilante 7D

Mathematics – Harkirat Kaur 7E

Science – Aarav Dhingra 7G

Humanities – John (Thomas) Tasse Faumui 7D

Music – Samia Akbari 7A

Visual Arts – Lithusa Siriwardana 7G

Design Technology – Carmela Barone 7B

Digital Technologies – Harkirat Kaur 7E

Health and PE – Harkirat Kaur 7E

Chinese – Clayton Choo 7H

Year 8 Academic Awards

English – Shannon Kaur 8A

Mathematics – Shannon Kaur 8A

Science – Santhos Varatharajah 8E

Humanities – Manpreet Singh 8D

Music – Ria Yagya Sharma 8A

Visual Arts – Indiana Shears 8G

Design Technology – Shannon Kaur 8E

Digital Technologies – Terry Birkahn 8E

Health and PE – Thejashree Shivakumar 8A

Chinese – Hannah Dawood 8G

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