Curriculum and Student Learning

Curriculum and Student Learning 1
Sonia Loudon

Extension and Enrichment

As our school grows we’ve been able to identify opportunities to extend our high ability students. This year we will be introducing two enrichment programs. These programs run for two hours each week, starting in Session 5 and ending at 4pm in the afternoon.

These classes are advanced and challenging, but they are not just accelerated curriculum. Our intention is to extend high ability learners and engage students in valuable and rigorous curriculum connections to academic disciplines that otherwise wouldn’t encounter until VCE or university. We are introducing two programs this year.

Curriculum and Student Learning 2
Matthew Williamson


This class covers Politics, Philosophy and Economics where students explore classical ‘big ideas’ in democracy, political theory and culture. The class is structured around debates and critically analysing contemporary issues.


This class gives students the chance to engage with applied and advanced Mathematical concepts, proofs and logic that we don’t usually get to explore in Years 7 – 10. Students will also enter the Australian Maths Competition, Mathematics Olympiads and engineering challenges.

In Term 2, we are starting with Discourse. The class is led by Ms Tan, who will bring her experiences in journalism and law and passion for critical theory to the group. Ms Loudon and Ms Nicholas will also support the class, particularly in structuring arguments and preparing for debates.

Students are invited to apply in Week 1 Term 2 in an online application form published on Compass. Students will be selected on a range of criteria including: passion for the field, academic performance and work habits. There will be a separate application process for the Logic program in Term 3 and students may wish to apply for both.

We will add, change and continue programs each year so if your child does not feel ready or interested this year, there are plenty of more opportunities coming up. There are also opportunities throughout the year for students to enter competitions and challenges, not just our extension students.

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