Assistant Principals Report

Assistant Principals Report 1
Angela Lane

Welcome Back and Where Parents Can Find Support

It is great to see students back in the classroom and all staff back. Thank you to all the parents and carers who have helped prepare their child for the return to school. We hope that the Return To School Information night, documents and fridge lists assisted you.

Let’s face it – being a parent is hard. Being a parent of teenager is harder still. It’s not like there is a handbook… or is there?

There is a lot of parenting advice out there. Some are more useful than others. Below is list of resources that are very useful – especially for those parenting teenagers.

ReachOut for Parents:

ReachOut is one of the most accessed online mental health services for young people and their parents in Australia

It contains articles for parent in just about every category – conflict, money, body image, drugs, relationships, just to name a few.

There is also a community forum to ask questions and see discussions.

Assistant Principals Report 2

There is one-on-one support including coaching.

Parentline Victoria: 13 22 89

This is a free and confidential phone service for parents/carers of children aged 0-18 years.

Parentline can assist with the development of positive parenting and personal coping strategies, promoting the resilience and wellbeing of families.

Can link families with their local community resources and services.

Assistant Principals Report 3

Headspace for Parents:

Headspace isn’t just for young people experiencing distress – it is also there to support families.

Contains activities for promoting healthy relationships and wellbeing

Information around responding to conflict and disagreement with young people

Watch videos on other’s stories and articles.

 Also remember that the College is also here to support you. If you have a concern about your child, please discuss it with us – this may be through your child’s Mentor Group teacher, the coordination team, or through wellbeing.

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