Assistant Principals’ Report

The importance that food makes on learning and behaviour.

Food is important for positive learning and behaviour. Healthy eating can improve mental health, and improve cognitive abilities like concentration and memory. It is important to their physical development.

Too often we speak to students who have not had breakfast and who say that they don’t have anything for lunch/recess. This can be for a range of reasons – they forgot to pack it, they didn’t like any options given to them, they weren’t hungry when they left the house, they ran out of time.

It can be difficult for parents and guardians to know what to pack for their children to get them through the day. Often when asked, kids will respond with ‘I’m not hungry’, ‘I don’t want anything’, ‘I don’t care’ or ‘I don’t want that’.

Here are a few tips for encouraging your child to eat well:

  • Have a conversation with your child around eating throughout the day, healthy eating and the impact on their wellbeing. Try to find out what is stopping them eating and address your concerns.
  • Let them choose a couple of the items that they can take to school. Take them shopping with you.
  • Organise as much as you can on the weekend for the week. You might do this with your child- organise fruit, or packets of food in the fridge for each day that they can grab and go.
  • Even if they decline any food, put some in their bag. They may not want it now, but they may want it later.


  • Let them consume energy drinks. A study in energy drink consumption in Australian secondary school students can be found here. Energy drink consumption can negatively impact sleep, behaviour and learning.

A reminder that Breakfast Club runs every Friday from the Food Technology rooms, which all students are welcome to come to.

Assistant Principals' Report 1

Uniform & Cold Weather

We would have all felt the cold weather take hold over the past few weeks. With that, our uniform expectations and rules do not shift. There are many options for students to layer up. 

We recommend students:

  • Purchase long-sleeved shirts – this allows students to wear another long-sleeved v-neck t-shirt or thermal underneath.
  • Purchase the school jacket or blazer – these are designed to keep the cold wind out and when combined with the school jumper, it’s really warm.
  • If your legs feel the cold, wear some thermal bottoms underneath your uniform pants.

What we cannot have:

  • Students wearing track pants instead of academic uniform pants.
  • Non-uniform sleeves showing.
  • Non-uniform PE pants.
  • Academic jumper used with PE uniform.
  • A reminder that a maximum of 3 uniform passes will be issued per term.
Assistant Principals' Report 2


Whilst most students keep their locker organised, with separate books per subject, in labelled folders with a pencil case, charged laptop and diary on hand, some students have filled up their exercise books, and are using an ‘overflow’ book or an ‘everything’ book. This cannot happen.

Now is a great time to stock up on equipment, buy some extra exercise books, some extra pens, get them labelled and ready for Term 3. This will allow students to start the term well, stay organised, and be prepared for every lesson.


We love the fact that students have been modelling pleasantries in the yard and in the classroom. At Elevation Secondary College, we treat all staff and students with respect and by simply saying ‘hello’ or ‘how are you’, you are making our school even better. In fact, you might change the outlook of a person’s entire day and that is definitely something to feel good about. Keep it up!


The school holidays are a fantastic opportunity for you to relax and recharge, however, make sure to prepare yourself adequately for school. Complete any homework you have been given and have all equipment and uniform replenished. Hit the ground running, because Term Three is going to be another academically challenging yet rewarding term.

Angela Lane, Sonia Loudon, Kyle Schutz & Andrew Stock

Assistant Principals

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