Assistant Principals’ Report

It has been a great start to Term 2. Here are some reminders for our community.

Viruses and Illness

As we head into Winter, it is important to look after ourselves to avoid illnesses, and avoid passing illnesses onto others. There is a significant amount of COVID, flu and other viruses circulating in the community at present. We ask that if your child is ill with a virus, keep them at home and test for COVID. Mask use is now common and is appreciated to assist in slowing down or stopping the spread of viruses to other students or to school staff. When students are well, however, they should attend every single day.

Assistant Principals' Report 1

Arrival Times to School

We have set school arrival time at 8:30am. This is to ensure students have adequate time to go to their locker, see their friends on their way to class. The music to signal the start of class, which begins at 8:45am. Students can help this by getting their uniform and bag ready the night before, going to bed (without devices) by 9:30pm. Families should also adjust their drop-off order in the morning to ensure all Elevation students are at school by 8:30am.


We thank families for their efforts in ensuring students are in the correct uniform every single day. Given the Winter months are soon to arrive, now is a great time to ensure your child has the correct warm uniform items including the jumper and black jacket. Two reminders:

  • The grey academic jumper is not to be worn with PE uniform,
  • Students may wear thermal tops under their uniform as long as the item is not at all visible and does not distort the look of their Elevation Secondary uniform. The thermal top must be completely hidden by the correct uniform.

Staff will follow the uniform policy for any student who does not comply with the above requirements.

Respectful Relationships

Thank you to all parents/guardians that attended the Sexual Health Victoria Information session that was held at the school. It was an extremely informative evening and allowed for everyone to increase their understanding and awareness of this topic.

As a parent/guardian for your child, we know that you want the best for them. This includes them having healthy, respectful interactions with their peers, their elders, and their partner (when they choose to have one). That your child can identify what is healthy, normal for their bodies and legal. Also when your child can ask for advice if they are unsure or seek help if something is wrong.

The primary goals of respectful relationship, consent and/or sexuality education are to equip young people with the knowledge and skills to empower them to:

Assistant Principals' Report 2

Education in this area acts as a protective factor in the relationships young people have with those around them, in identifying abuse (both in life and online), increasing help seeking behaviour and confidence in keeping preventative health care. It encourages communication between parent/carers and their children, helps avoid shame, fear and misconceptions and promotes informed and responsible decision making.

We understand that the best outcome for young people is when home and school work together within our community. Home provides the values around these important topics, while school can provide information that is scientifically accurate, non-judgemental and age appropriate in a carefully planned process. The curriculum that schools provide in this area creates opportunities for families to communicate their values within their home.

We are aware that young people can be vulnerable to conflicting and sometimes damaging messages and misinformation from their peers, the media, internet, or other unreliable sources. The school is with you in ensuring that your child has the best chance of having good healthy relationships with those around them with the right information.

Angela Lane, Sonia Loudon, Kyle Schutz & Andrew Stock

Assistant Principals

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