Assistant Principals Report

Dear Elevation Secondary College Community,

Elevation Secondary College is committed to continuous improvement as we strive for sustained excellence. As Term 3 draws to a close, it is important to reflect on the positive efforts, attitudes and outcomes of our student community.

Success can be measured in a variety of ways, as demonstrated and celebrated by our students in their own words:

Emma Magar (10F)

“I’ve enjoyed being able to strengthen my friendships. I’ve gone from not having many friends to having heaps.” 

Angel Kaur (8C) and Harnit Kaur (8C)

“Elevation Secondary College is such a welcoming place. A really good environment to make lifelong friends.” 

Chazz Sharma (8D)

“Elevation Secondary has great teachers.” 

Kanav Sharma (9E)

“I love the great learning environments and brand new facilities.” 

Daniel Crncevic (8E)

“I love hanging out at the oval. Everyone has fun playing friendly games of soccer and footy out there.” 

Denise Duenas (7I)

“The school deals with difficult situations so well and staff are very supportive, considerate and caring to each and every student.”

Yasir Quzwini (8H)

“I love playing football with my friends as it is good for my mental health. Friendships at Elevation Secondary College are so important to me and it is why I love being a student here.”


“My favourite subject is Humanities because my teacher teaches in a way that fascinates us.”

Manoilaa Zahrah (10D)

“What I like about this school is that it is safe. Teachers care about us a lot and we are given a lot of support choosing our pathways.”

Michael Rumbiolo (10B)

I have been here since the first day of the school opening in 2020. I’ve seen the school develop a lot from the beginning and we are given so many opportunities to grow and learn.”

In order to be best prepared and set up for success in Term 4, students and families are reminded to concentrate on ensuring the following actions:

  • Check all classroom equipment (stationary, books, laptop) and replenish before returning to school, full school uniform is worn to and from school each day.
  • Arrive to school at 8:35am and attend each and every class ahead of time,
  • Increase effort as learning tasks become more challenging,
  • Live and breathe our Behavioural Expectations – Aim High, Work Hard, Be Good.

We trust that students will enjoy a well earned break and will return to school in Term 4 refreshed and ready for a strong finish to the year.

By Angela Lane, Sonia Loudon, Kyle Schutz & Andrew Stock

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