Aspire Shop

Aspire Recognition Week

The Aspire shop is continuing in 2024 and is continuing to reward students that are demonstrating the school values of in their everyday school life:

Aim High, Work Hard and Be Good. 

For every positive action that gets reported on Compass, students earn an Aspire point. These build up and allow students to purchase items in the Aspire Shop. The more Aspire points a student has the better the prizes they can buy. The Aspire shop will continue to run this year and will be celebrated 2-3 times each Term with an Aspire Recognition Week towards the end of each month.

This is a week to review and celebrate all the work that students have done and celebrate in MG’s the prizes that students have been able to earn through their work! Students will also have the opportunity to recognise the work that their Teachers are doing with them.

Aspire of the Month

Students can be recognised and nominated for demonstrated exceptional values of Aim High, Work Hard and Be Good within the school community. At the end of each month, the student that has achieved the greatest Aspire in each category is rewarded with an Aspire of the month Certificate and an exclusive prize only available by achieving Aspire of the Month.

There is a different one for each School Value. Who will be the first student ever to collect the set?

Aspire of the Month

This year we are introducing ‘Aspire of the Month’. This is to recognise students that have demonstrated exceptional values of Aim High, Work Hard and Be Good within the school community.

Aspire’s of the MonthJanuary & February

Aim High: Malak 8B

Work Hard: Pavani 8C

Be Good: Zeynep 11A

Aspire’s of the MonthFebruary & March

Aim High: Saviru 8F

Work Hard: Morees 9B

Be Good: Thejashree 11A

Well done to all our award winners this month. There were over 260 nominations for Aspire of the month and what you have demonstrated has been exceptional and well deserving of the awards! Continue to Aspire in everything that you do!

This Aspire shop is mainly run through support and donations from local businesses. If you would like to offer something into the Aspire shop as a prize for students, please contact the school in regards to the Aspire Shop.

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