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What a fantastic start we have had for the 2023 Academic Year. With some changes happening around the College, I wanted to take this opportunity to introduce the Senior School team at Elevation as well as our vision moving forward in the last three years of your child’s schooling.

The word of the year for our Year 10’s is Choice. As young adults, a really important life skill that we want our students to become familiar with is this idea that every action is ultimately your own choice. We want all our students to not only make the right choices, but to ensure that they’re leaving every door open when it comes to their schooling. This means, aiming high with their aspirations and abilities, working hard in class and studying at home and being good in the classroom and at home.

Senior School at Elevation consists of the following members:

Head of Senior School | Ms. Dulger

Year 10 Coordinator |  Mr. Mulligan

Year 10 Coordinator & Careers Teacher | Ms. Connor

Careers Practitioner | Ms. Hunter

Senior School Admin | Mrs. Tilbrook

As a Senior School, we are ready to support your child in the planning of their pathways as well as their learning. As we all know, when school and home collaborate, the student is always in a much better position with their future.

Below, you will find some information on the expectations that we have around our Senior School Students in their learning behaviours as well as the development of independence and resilience.

Learning Behaviours 

We have been incredibly happy with the way that our students have started their schooling this year. There is a great sense of responsibility as well as maturing for our students. 

The types of learning behaviours that the Senior School is looking for include: going to class on time, taking correct materials,  listening to teachers instructions, being curious learners and applying feedback which has been provided to them. These are all skills which students who are successful exhibit. We are glad to see so many of our students already modelling these behaviours.


At Elevation Secondary College, assessments (known as CATs and SACs) are an integral part of a child’s learning. Assessments provide teachers with the opportunity to check-in and see what students have learnt and how they’re tracking with their learning in class. It is imperative that students try their absolute best in these assessments by studying for them and seeking support beforehand. 

The Senior School will be using the data from student’s assessments when it comes to planning for the year as well as ensuring that students are completing courses and subjects which are not only at their point of need, but attainable in terms of success.

Careers & Pathways

As your new Careers Practitioner and Careers Teacher we consider it an absolute pleasure to work with you all to achieve the goal of finding relevant and meaningful pathways for each of our students.

In this effort, a number of programs and activities will be delivered throughout the year to all year levels to help guide students on this journey. These programs and activities will help students first identify their own strengths, values and interests and how they are already demonstrating and developing these before looking outward to the world of work and the labour market so that informed decisions can be made about their pathways and future careers.

As of today we are pleased to announce three of our flagship programs-

Year 9- My Career Insights (Morrisby)

A small introduction has already been made to students with consent forms being sent home. A preparation session followed by the profiling testing period will occur in Term 2 with the unpacking interviews scheduled to take place in Term 3.

Year 10- Work Experience

Work Experience is being delivered as a compulsory program in Year 10. It allows students the opportunity to spend a week in a workplace, experiencing the world of work in an industry of their choice. Though this can seem daunting at first for many students, it is an invaluable program which students reflect on with great enthusiasm, a feeling of accomplishment and an improved clarity as to their future career and pathways.

Work Experience will run for a one week block in the last week of Term 2: Monday 19th June – Friday 23rd June. The program has already been launched to students and they’ve been asked to begin brainstorming areas of interest and approaching potential employers.

If students are unsure of where to start or need any assistance, they are more than welcome to visit the Year 10 Coordinator Office where they will find Ms. Hunter (Careers Practitioner) and Ms. Connor (Careers Teacher).

Year 10- One-on-one Careers Discussions

Throughout the year Ms. Hunter will have a one-on-one discussion with every Year 10 student. There are many choices to be made in Year 10, many of them affecting a students future careers and pathways, which makes Year 10 a great time to sit down and start discussing some of these choices and options. No appointments are necessary, Ms Hunter will approach each student throughout the year. If a student has an urgent question and their one-on-one has not occurred yet, they are encouraged to visit Ms Hunter in the Year 10 Coordinator Office before school, recess, lunch or after school.

Ms. Hunter is also available to students of any year level before school, recess, lunch and after school for any questions students may have in regards to their future careers and pathways. Students can email to book an appointment ( or are welcome to walk in.

We look forward to working with you all!

Ms. Hunter (Careers Practitioner) and Ms. Connor (Careers Teacher)

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