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Asli Dulger

Dear Senior School Families,

Most of our VCE and VCE VM Students have completed their first round of Student Assessed Coursework (SACs). The results for these are on Compass and can be seen by both students and families.

We highly recommend that you view your child’s results and have a discussion with them about how they performed, as well as what they can do to improve.

Attendance Reminders

A reminder to families that all VCE and VCE VM students have a minimum attendance requirement as per our VCE Handbook. 

Students who miss out on a SAC, must obtain a Medical Certificate or a Statutory Declaration in order to complete the SAC. Once the required documentation is submitted, students will be enrolled in Academic Catch Up in order to complete their assessment. Students who do not have official documentation for their absence, will be awarded a 0 for their assessment.

Senior School Information Evening

As stated in our previous post, the Senior School is holding an information evening for all VCE and VCE VM parents. This event will take place on Tuesday the 23rd of April at 6pm. More information will follow on Compass.

During this event, we will be explaining the following:

  • What is Coursework?
  • What is a SAC?
  • How does my child pass a Unit 1 subject?
  • Attendance requirements
  • Why do we need to bring Medical Certificates and Statutory Declarations?
  • Where can I obtain additional support?


This is just a reminder that all students are required to be wearing full academic uniform at all times. We appreciate all families’ support when dropping off your children and ensuring they’re wearing the correct uniform. 

On behalf of the Senior School, we wish all families a safe and joyful holiday break. We look forward to seeing you all on the information evening on the 23rd of April.

Asli Dulger

Senior School Leader

Careers & Pathways

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Alex Connor

Build-10 Program

In exciting news 15 of our Year 10 students have been accepted into Kangan TAFE’s Build-10 Program. Students had to put in an application, which had to be supported by our team here at Elevation. The students selected will be attending Kangan TAFE in Broadmeadows two days a week and Elevation Secondary College three days. While at Kangan TAFE they will be completing units in Building and Construction. This is a great opportunity for these students to try out a career pathway throughout the remainder of Year 10. 


All the Year 10 students had a presentation from HeadStart. HeadStart will support students who have an interest in staying at school while also starting their apprenticeship. Students should have a clear apprenticeship or traineeship pathways. If students are interested in finding out more they should contact the Careers Department.

Work Experience

The organisation of Year 10 Work Experience is well underway. Students should have already completed their paperwork, which should be signed by their employers, parents/carers, students and school. They have been completing their Safe@Work Certificates during PMD sessions on Tuesday mornings. It is in the curriculum that all Year 10s take part in this program. If students have not completed their form they must contact the Careers Department.

Alex Connor

Vocational Leader & Careers Teacher

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