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Ellen Stephens

Library News

Over the past few weeks, our library has been bustling with a variety of engaging initiatives and enhancements aimed at enriching the reading and learning experiences of our students. 

Our ongoing wider reading sessions for Year 8 students are in full swing. Students have just completed a feedback and reflection session and have reset their goals for when the sessions continue in Term 2. Many students will bring their novels home to work on meeting their page goals over the holidays.

Perhaps most exciting for students has been the ten new chess sets we have acquired. Chess promotes critical thinking and concentration, offering students a fun way to enhance their strategic skills. It has been fantastic to see students from all year groups challenging each other and providing advice and guidance to their peers.

Victorian Premier’s Reading Challenge

Looking ahead, the Victorian Premier’s Reading Challenge will launch in Term 2. This challenge encourages students to set reading goals and explore a variety of books. Participating in the challenge is simple—students are registered online, set personal reading goals, and start exploring the curated book list. It’s a great way to discover new authors and genres while embracing a culture of reading. Those who are interested should look out for a Compass post in Week 1 of Term 2. Kate, our Collections and Reader Services Librarian will be running an information and sign up session during lunch time in the first week back.

Other news:

  • During Harmony Week, our library showcased a diverse collection of books and resources celebrating different cultures and promoting inclusivity.
  • We’re excited to announce the addition of new shelves to accommodate our growing non-fiction and manga collections. 
  • Students can also look forward to a Staff Recommendations spinner shelf from Term 2, which will house recommendations from teachers across all subjects.

Please remember to return all overdue books.

SRC Update

Elevation Community News 5
Jason Stradella

Hello to the community!

This term has been a busy one for SRC. It has marked the beginning of our ongoing meeting process and establishing some ongoing processes we hope to continue developing and strengthening as the year progresses. Our young leaders have identified some useful clubs they would like to initiate in the college (to be advertised hopefully by next term for some of them) as well as ideas for how to improve the college from a student perspective. 

By the time of this publishing, the college would have celebrated Harmony Day on the 26th, where we had students wear either appropriate casual wear or cultural clothing. This year we are raising funds for State Schools Relief, which is a not-for-profit organisation that improves the lives of tens of thousands of disadvantaged Victorian students, and their families, each year. Issues such as poverty, neglect, family illness, abuse and homelessness continue to affect many Victorian families. SSR provides government school students with new uniforms, footwear and educational resources, including learning devices. They work side by side with all Victorian primary, secondary, specialist and language schools to ensure that any students facing hardship have the necessary items they require for school.

On the 25th of April (early into Term 2), our leaders will be representing the college for a wreath laying ceremony for ANZAC Day. We will provide some photos and share in the reflection of the sacrifice of those that came before us.

In general, the SRC hope to hit the ground running with some new incentives, have representatives in each Mentor Group and have some key days organised in advance in association with other areas of the college and community.

These events and dates the SRC will be helping with will include;

  • Reconciliation Week/NAIDOC
  • Men’s health recognition Day
  • National Day of Action Against Bullying & Violence
  • RUOK day 
  • Remembrance
  • International day of person’s with disabilities

We hope everyone has had a productive and amazing first term and we hope that the next term is a continuation of some fantastic work that we are all doing to improve our whole school community, whether it is from a student or teacher perspective.

Early Leaving Policy

School attendance is very important.
Students are required to attend school for the entire day. If there is an unavoidable reason for a student to leave school early on a particular day (such as for a medical appointment) a signed note from home must be provided.
Pickup times should coincide with recess and lunch.

  • Student brings a note from home explaining the absence and the intended departure time (recess or lunch). The note must be signed and dated by a parent/guardian
  • Student presents the note from home to the Mini School Admin Office before Mentor Group.
  • Student receives a signed Early Leaver note from the mini school.
  • At recess or lunch – the student brings the early Leaver note to the Administration Office and signs out.
  • Student is picked up

If a pickup time can only be during a timetabled period, the student must show their signed Early Leaver note to their classroom teacher at the designated time and then present to the office to be picked up.
School staff will not be collecting students from classes during timetabled periods.
It is the student’s responsibility to ensure that they arrive at the office for pickup at the designated time.
Learning is extremely important at Elevation Secondary College. Please note that staff cannot collect your child or put an announcement over speakers during class time.

Recess and Lunch Times
Recess –  10:56 – 11:24am
Lunch – 1:20 – 2:02pm

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