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Berry Street Curriculum Day

On the 14th of March, the whole Elevation Secondary College staff conducted the first of two Curriculum Days for 2023 dedicated to training of the Berry Street Education Model. The training, which also involves two local primary schools, is a pivotal part of our incorporation of our school initiatives around Trauma Informed Practice. 

During 2022, the whole staff conducted two workshops based on Domain 1: Body and Domain 2: Relationships. The strategies learnt from these two workshops teachers continue to embed into everyday classes at school. These include regular Brain Breaks, Positive Primers and Self-Regulation strategies to allow our students to be ready to learn in all of their classes.

This year, the first day was dedicated to Domain 3: Stamina. This day focused on how we embed a wide range of strategies to improve student stamina with the work they complete in every class at school. These include building student resilience, a growth mindset and emotional intelligence. 

The final day of training, based on Domain 4: Engagement will occur on Tuesday the 13th of June.

By Dean James

Interschool Sports, Physical Education and Health

Over the course of term 1, we have sent out a number of students from years 7 – 10 to participate in inter school sports. This included Swimming, Volleyball, Cricket and Tennis. All students who have attended these sports have represented Elevation Secondary College well and have certainly aimed high, worked hard and been good. As our school continues to expand we get more access to facilities, we look forward to providing our students with more opportunity and exposure to a wider range of sports. 

Our Health and Physical Education units/topics have been improved and re-evaluated from last year in line with the evolving needs of our students and the wider community. We look forward to continually improve the topics we cover in our Health classes to best serve the needs of students, weather it be related to Respectful Relationships or Online Safety. The range of sports and activities we offer as part of our Physical Education program has also increased in line with the new facilities and spaces around the school.

By Brandon Isaac

SRC News

Harmony Day

The SRC have been busy already this year, planning events and coming up with ideas to improve school culture. 

On the 21st of March, Elevation Secondary College celebrated Harmony Day with the schools first ever cultural/casual dress day. The SRC decided to raise money for State Schools Relief, an organization that supports families in need to access uniform and learning resources.

The Music and Chinese teaching teams planned activities for the day, with student performances and Chinese running speaking competitions and games. Our performers did a fantastic job, and students loved the tasty Chinese treats when they won the mini competitions.

The whole school community wore their cultural or casual dress in a respectful way with pride. We were proud that students dressed in their cultural attire, which was a great learning opportunity for the whole community and lots of discussion were had. It was fantastic to see students engaging in their rich cultural traditions and feeling confident enough sharing this with others.

As a school community, we raised just under $600 for State Schools Relief. This is a fantastic effort for our first ever casual dress day fundraiser. The SRC hopes to bring more whole school events to our community in future.

2023 Student Leaders

We are proud to announce our first two tiered student leadership model at Elevation Secondary College, where each Mentor Group (MG) has 2 representatives and 4 elected SRC representatives at each year level. Congratulations to all students who put their hands up to serve our school as leaders. 

Congratulations to the following SRC representatives:

Year 7

Daksh 7E
Nivedya 7I

Year 8

Merna Falah8A
Shahwaiz Ahmed8G
Meenal Babbar8D
Ammar Mahmoud8E

Year 9

Jashan Phalpotia9A
Zeinab Nasar9D
Keshmita Nand9G
Batu Ucar9E

Year 10

Damla Selin-Goc10C
Phoenix Lowe10B
Shannon Jot Kaur10A
Martina Putros10D

Congratulations to the following Mentor Group representatives:

Year 7

MGRep 1Rep 2
7APatresea FaresPhoenix Mircevski
7BMalak StooNasrin Sultani
7CPavani GUTTAPALLIMuhammad (Hashim) HASHIM 
7FAli KhalilLoriana Noori
7HMazin SharafuddeenMia Fabris
7IDenise DuenasHarry (Harivansh) Singh

Year 8

MGRep 1Rep 2
8AUlku IzShataya Azzopardi
8CZakee HaniffOscar Bishop
8GShahwaizValentina Hanona

Year 9

MGRep 1Rep 2
9BRahaf Al HayeekFadi Hammo 
9DZeinab NasarHavva Demir
9ENadeen AntwanIden Hermez
9GOshana OdishoNatalie Orsida

Year 10

MGRep 1Rep 2
10CAdem RakipiDamla Goc
10EAhmed KDhanush

By Julia Rossi

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