Curriculum and Student Learning

Curriculum and Student Learning 1
Matthew Williamson
Curriculum and Student Learning 2
Alex Mangione

Term 1

In term one 2022, Elevation Secondary College created the Behavioural Expectations Monitor, a teacher recorded feedback platform to inform students and carers of the student’s progress against our core expectations  – Aim High, Work Hard, Be Good.

This does not replace reports, which are provided at the end of each Semester. The Monitor is intended to provide frequent and ongoing measures on how well students are aiming high, working hard and being good in each class. This allows for understanding and reflection on students’ progress throughout the term about the behaviours that lead to successful outcomes. 

Our behavioural expectations, combined, have been carefully chosen to reflect the well-rounded behaviours that students must display to put themselves in the best place for learning. 

Aim High

These classes are advanced and challenging, but they are not just accelerated curriculum. Our intention is to extend high ability learners and engage students in valuable and rigorous curriculum connections to academic disciplines that otherwise wouldn’t encounter until VCE or university. We are running expanded programs this year, acknowledging that it was challenging for students to get the full experience online in 2021.  Students apply via an online application form published on Compass. Students will be selected on a range of criteria including: passion for the field, academic performance and work habits. Students may wish to apply and are eligible for both.

Work Hard

Consistent hard work is the practice that leads to progress. Students who work hard allow the vision in “Aim High” to become a reality. Students who work hard are taking action for their own futures. The kinds of behaviours that demonstrate “Work Hard” might include; 

  • Reworking learning tasks that do not meet the students’ expectations.
  • Consistently completing all set work.
  • Studying for Common Assessment Tasks (CATS – the projects/tests that are displayed on reports) 
  • Reading and researching independently of school.

Be Good

Being “good” seems like the simplest learning behaviour to understand. However, it is also the one that students underestimate the most in terms of the impact on their outcomes and future choices, and those of others.

Students should view “being good” as the foundation of “Work Hard” and “Aim High”. For a student, this means;

  • Focussing on learning.
  • Not distracting others.
  • Supporting a positive learning environment.
  • Allowing the teacher to teach.

The Monitor

From the beginning of March, all teachers at ESC have been recording their observations in each subject of the above learning behaviours. This is happening every two weeks.

From the end of this term, Parents, Carers and Students will have access to this accumulated data, which will be represented under the “reporting” tab on the compass. Each subject will graph the students’ performance against the three learning behaviours, allowing for immediate and ongoing feedback on the basic behaviours that lead to success.

4 = ALWAYS displays this behaviour

3 = USUALLY displays this behaviour

2 = SOMETIMES displays this behaviour

1 = RARELY displays this behaviour

0 = NEVER displays this behaviour.

What Will I See?

The image below is from the Three completed cycles so far, as the year progresses the graphs made will be able to be tracked across time, and be checked at any time by students’ families.

Teachers will use this data in discussions with students to draw the link between progress and behaviour.  

Curriculum and Student Learning 3
In this image, we see the students behavioral outcomes for Humanities and Personal Development.
Curriculum and Student Learning 4
In this image, we see the students overall average over the term.


Why are there Gaps?

Due to COVID, both Students and teachers have missed schooling. Where there is not enough evidence – there may be a gap.

Should I be worried about one bad result?

No. This monitor is about the overall trend of the students’ learning behavior. Not one two week period.

Who should I contact if I am concerned about results?

You should contact the classrooms teachers firstly.

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