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Qustodio Sign Up Guide

Our students are spending more time online than ever before, and there are many new challenges, not to mention an increase in online risks and threats to your children and their wellbeing.

As a school, we take our students’ digital safety and wellbeing very seriously. We continually look at ways to ensure that we can be proactive to ensure children remain safe online at all times. That is why we are delighted to tell you about our partnership with Linewize, the world’s largest Digital Wellbeing solutions provider, which allows us to protect and proactively guide our students in their digital development. Linewize protects more than 15 million students across the globe and now provides the Qustodio parent app, giving you as a parent visibility of how your child engages online on their primary school learning device.  

As part of our partnership with Linewize, our school seeks to partner with our parent community by offering all parents tools to that give you the ability to:

  • Pause the internet on your child’s device from your app
  • Receive aggregate reports of your child’s online activity, again outside of school
  • Receive detailed Timeline reports of your child’s online activity including word and video searches
  • Get access to online safety expert advice directly through the app.

You can also protect two personal devices per family as part of the school offering.

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What do I need to do?

Use the custom link below to create your Qustodio account through our school Online Safety Hub

Please be mindful that one parent/guardian needs to create the account in the first instance, and then additional parents/guardians can be invited by that parent and be given access to the same features once the initial account has been created.

You must use the email address that you have with the school in order to sign up.

If you need further help please the link above also has a GET IN TOUCH.

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