Elevation Secondary College is part of the Supported Inclusion Schools initiative. This means that the school will provide inclusive education for a significant cohort of students with disabilities within a mainstream secondary school setting.

Teacher helping students

Elevation Secondary College supports the principle that every student is able to attend their designated neighbourhood government school. As a Supported Inclusion School, Elevation Secondary College will provide a safe, accessible and inclusive environment for every student who enrols.

The school has been designed and purpose built to be inclusive. This means that the buildings are designed following Universal Design Principles, so that there is no physical barriers to a student with a physical or intellectual ability to attend the school.

As such Elevation Secondary College can cater for a slightly higher percentage of students with a disability than other schools.

This means that all students with a disability who live within our designated neighbourhood zone can be catered for and have the choice of attending our school rather than a special setting.

For full details, please refer to our Specialist Provision Enrolment Policy.

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