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Students at Elevation Secondary College have started the year incredibly well. It has been amazing to see such incredibly focused students, coming to classes prepared and ready to learn. This year, we have begun our journey of introducing Senior School, specifically our Year 10 program. Our Year 10’s are now starting to see the demands of completing subjects that will prepare them for their upcoming VCE classes, in which they will begin to prepare and choose for later in the year.

Our new Year 7 students have started the year off with a bang, as they begin to familiarise themselves with, not only the demands of entering high school and the expectations, but also getting a taste of a wide range of subjects including Music, Visual Arts, Digital Technologies, Food Technologies and PE. 

We welcome back our existing Year 8 and 9 students, some of whom are exposed to new subjects on offer at Elevation. At Year 8, students are being introduced to Systems Engineering, taught by Mr Haberman and Mr Johnstone. At Year 9, students have been provided with completing new elective subjects they chose at the end of last year, including Visual Arts, Media Studies and Visual Communication and Design. These subjects allow greater scope of possibilities to develop further interests in their learning. 

With our new buildings finally complete, it has been amazing to see our students settling in well within the new spaces and being exposed to new and exciting opportunities within the classroom. 


VCE classes have officially begun at Elevation Secondary College. This year, we have two accelerated VCE classes running, which include VCE Media Studies (taught by Mr James) and VCE Psychology (taught by Ms Lane). Both Mr James and Ms Lane have over ten years of VCE teaching experience within these subjects. 

Students have settled in well to the new demands and expectations of completing their VCE, which involved completing several tasks over the recent school holidays, increased homework, engaging learning and thoughtful discussions. As the term goes on, these students will experience both School Assessed Coursework (SACs) and School Assessed Tasks (SATs). 

These assessments are introducing students to the demands of how they will be assessed in the VCE but also to build capacity, as they get ready to complete Units 3 and 4 next year as Year 11 students. Well Done to all accelerated students for beginning your VCE on a great start!

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