Aspire Shop

The Aspire Shop has returned for Term 3!

The Aspire shop is a way to reward students that have been demonstrating exceptional behaviors in relation to our school values of:

Aim High, Work Hard and Be Good. 

How it works:

  1. Students earn Aspire points for their hard work
  2. All Aspire points go into the Mentor Group Aspire Raffle drawn every fortnight
  3. Winner is randomly selected and receive an Aspire Shop Entry Ticket
  4. Students may also get ‘Mentor Group Teacher Award’ for receiving the most outstanding Aspire of the fortnight for their Mentor Group.
  5. Students that receive an Aspire Shop Entry Ticket can access the Aspire Shop and spend the Aspire Points that have earned through the year to purchase items. 

Congratulations to students that have already received an Aspire Shop Entry Ticket and to the students that have already made their first purchases!

For everyone else, the more Aspire Points that you earn the more likely you are to get drawn and the more Aspire Points you have to spend at the Aspire Shop!

Aspire Community Supporters

The Aspire Shop has many items that students are able to purchase. These items include pens, fidget spinners, frisbees, basketballs and many other items. But we would like to also thank the community supporters that generously donate from their businesses to the Aspire Shop.

We would like to take this opportunity to thank the following community supporters who have kindly donated to the Aspire shop to inspire and motivate our students to achieve in our school and in our community.

Aspire Shop 1

If you would like to be involved in the Aspire Community Supporter program, please email the school at to see how you are able to support the students in achieving in the school and wider community.

Aspire of the Month

This year we are introducing ‘Aspire of the Month’. This is to recognise students that have demonstrated exceptional values of Aim High, Work Hard and Be Good within the school community.

Aspire’s of the Month

Aspire Shop 2
Aim High: Sanarya 7H
Aspire Shop 3
Work Hard:
Ella-Maree 10A
Aspire Shop 4
Be Good: Denise 7I

Aspire Shop 5

Well done to all our award winners this month. Our Year 7 students are leading in the front this Term!

Keep up the good work and remember you can use your Aspire points at the Aspire Shop!

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